"Fifty Shades of Revenge"

The erotic love story between Christian and Anastasia Grey. In the next few years, we find that the Grey have typical life. With 3 kids, a husband who is CEO of one of the most successful private company and wife who has taking a small publishing company from brink of failure to the country most influential publishing powerhouse. However, there are ruthless people plotting to destroy their happy life and make them pay dearly.


2. Come home


I walked outside onto the back porch and reached for my blackberry.  I scrolled down to Christian number. I dialed it waiting to talk to him.

"Anastasia, what wrong?" Christian asked quickly. The sound of his voice send a thrill through my body.

"Christian, Nothing. I want to hear your voice. I miss you. The kids miss you. When are you coming home? Our home is lonely without you. I really miss you.  I hate that you are gone so much.

Our bed feel empty and lonely. I want to touch you." I said looking out at the Sound.

"Anna, I have miss you too. I been aching for your touch too. I been so lonely here. However, I have discover that my business has flourish. So many opportunities for technology here.

I will be home soon. How are the kids?" Christian said.

"The kids miss you. Teddy look for you everywhere. Phoebe keep expecting you to come in the kitchen and kiss her on her head. Nicholas is getting bigger everyday.  I miss you. I need you to touch me everywhere Christian.  I thought that I can send my mom and the kids to Disneyland for a few days when you come home.  I want to fuck you in every room of our home.  Damn, Christian!

It has  been weeks since we have some fun. " Do you want me anymore?" I said know it my fear  coming up.

"Anna, how can you say that. I love you. I really want you.  It just with the birth of Nicholas, Grey Publishing taking off successful and my company exploding here in Eastern Europe. I really want you.  All I think is taking you in the red playroom and fucking you six shades of Sunday.

Please don't think it about you.  I will be home soon. And yes, the idea of sending the kids and your mother away so we can fuck on every surface in our home is really turning me on.

"I bet Teddy is getting bigger. I miss his smile. Is Phoebe getting prettier? My mom says she really taking to dancing. How is Nicholas? I know I been distant with him. I am sorry about that, Anna. I will spend more time with him when I get home.  However I really miss your mouth, your skin, your breasts and  watching you cum really cum. Is there anything I can pick up for you while I here in Europe" Christian said.

If you are going to Paris, I really need more of those silk stocking and panties you keep ripping off me." I giggle loudly.

"Oh Mrs. Grey, All you have to do is ask?  I would be more than happy to supply you in silk stocking and panties. How many should I get for you?" Christian laugh.  I miss that laugh.

"As many you can get. I always seem to lose a pair when I wear them around you.

"Also I would like another bottle of Channel No. 5, please" I asked sweetly. I love that perfume and so does he." 

"Anything else? Chocolate?  Me?" he asked.

"All I want is you home safely.  How is the new body guard? I know you miss Taylor.

His son, Riley, is getting better. The tubes are working in his ears. I talk to Gail this morning. They should be back from New York City early next week." I said looking at a family portrait in our family room. That was a happy day.

"Lance is working out okay. No, he is not Taylor but he is doing a god job." Christian said.

"Have you meet anyone interesting there? I ask knowing the answer. Christian does not make friends. Only business associates and connections.

"Actually, I  met another business tycoon that is similar to me. He is young, ambitious, CEO of his own company, billionaire and single. I heard him speak at a conference I was speaking at. We have the same business model and philanthropic as I am. I never thought I would met another me. It is refreshing having someone to bounce ideas and goals with.

He is Greek. He own a mega shipping company.  I think you will like him."Christian said joyful.

"Did you run a background check on him?" I asked joking.

"Yes Anna. You know I do that with  everybody I talk business with.  He passed." Christian said tiredly.

"Christian, where are you now?"I said worrying.

"In a hotel bar in Istanbul, Turkey. I was in Rome this morning when Adonis, the Greek businessman, he met bumped into me. He said going to see some property he was looking to buy and ask me to join him. The next thing I knew I was up in his plane looking a property around Greece and then Turkey.  I am having a good time. Figure.  I will be back in Rome tomorrow.

Then I be back home.  Anna, I really have miss you. I let you go. Later, Baby" Christian said.

"Come home soon. Be careful. I love you. Laters, Baby" I said. Deep down I have a scary feeling for Christian's safety.  I have not had this feeling since Jack Hyde. I shake that thought.

It has been 2 and half years since Jack Hyde trial. Jack was convicted for kidnapping, attempt sabotage and blackmail. He got 35 years. I was never so happy. Finally, we relax for the first time since we met.  Now I got the same feeling again.  No. I just missed Christian. But this feeling won't go away. I just want Christian to come home safe.


















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