My Savior [L.H. fanfic] *Complete*

"I'm not a savior," he said. "Yes you are. You are my savior." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


24. ~Final chapter~

It has been 4 years since I have seen Luke and the other boys. My parents would come up for holidays. They always would tell me the boys would ask about me. Especially Luke. 


"Did you hear about the new band from Australia?" Claire asked as we walked into school. I shook my head no. "Well, they are called 5 Seconds of Summer. The guys are pretty hot too," she added as I walked to my locker. "Here's a picture of them," she said as she handed me her phone with a picture of some guys on it. My eyes widened. "What's wrong?" she asked.


"I think I know these guys. Like I actually know them. I went to school with three of them," I explained. Claire's eyes widened too. 


"No way! We need to get tickets to see them! Or better yet! Sneak in!" she whispered the last part like someone would hear us. 


"I don't know Claire. That seems wrong," I pointed out but part of me really wanted to go see if those are the guys I use to call friends. 


"Oh come on Nat! I always wanted to sneak into a concert! And since you might actually know these people maybe we won't get caught!" Claire explained her plan to me. I finally agreed to it.


Outside the arena, you can hear girls chanted the band name. Claire and I managed to get to the back. There was a bodyguard standing there. Then I heard his voice. Luke.


"Come on Calum! We need to go inside!" I heard him shout. I saw Calum staring at his phone. 


"What if Nataly is here! Don't you want to see her?" Cal asked as he looked up at Luke. So badly I wanted to walk out there and hug them. They probably won't want to see me now and I don't blame them. Luke sighed.


"I doubt she'll be here. There are at least one thousand other girls out there! Besides, she made her decision," Luke answered before looking down. Before I knew it Claire grabbed my hand and dragged me over to them. 


"Well, why don't you ask her about it!" Claire shouted and pushed me over there. Luke looked up with surprise. I was speechless. I looked over at Calum and he looked shocked and surprised.


"Nataly? Is that you?" Luke asked. I still couldn't speak. A guard came over.


"You two can't be here," he shouted and was about to grab my shoulder before Luke stopped him.


"Wait! I know them! I can handle this," Luke assured and the guard stepped back. Luke walked over to me, looking me up and down. "Nataly. I can't believe it's you. I thought I would never see you again."


"My friend Claire told me about you and dragged me out here to see you," I explained. I took Luke all in. There was still some things that were the same but some were new. His hair was more spiked than it used to and he got a little taller. 


"Well! Kiss already!" Calum interrupted our silence. I looked away.


"I think I have to go," I said as I walked away.


'You always do this! Walk away! Why can't you talk to me like a normal person! Like a friend!" Luke shouted. I turned around at him with anger. He was also angry.


"Because friends don't treat each other like shit!" I shouted back. I notice Ashton and Michael had came outside. "And I'm walking away because I know I made a mistake coming here!"


"If it was a mistake coming here then why did you come?" Luke asked. I thought about it for a while. That is a good question. Why am I here? I guess I missed the boys so much that my heart told me to go. Or maybe my heart is telling me that I love Luke and to make it right.


"I don't know," I whispered and looked down. I heard someone walk over to me and left my chin to meet their eyes. It was Luke.


"Don't listen to your head. Listen to your heart," he suggested. 


"My heart is gone," I answered. Luke looked confused. "Because my heart is with you," I finished. And before I knew Luke kissed me. It was passionate and soft. The rest of the guys and Claire cheered. Luke and I pulled apart and smiled. 


"Are you sure you are okay with long distance?" Luke asked. Luke and the boys were leaving to go to their next tour stop and I was there to say goodbye. Luke and I spent the two weeks he was here together and he has to go. He offered if I wanted to go with him but I had to finish school.


"Yes, Luke. Just promise you will call, okay?" I asked and he nodded. He kissed me one last time and was dragged away by a bodyguard. I waved as he left. While I was walking out the door I felt something weird in my stomach. But I ignored it.

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