My Savior [L.H. fanfic] *Complete*

"I'm not a savior," he said. "Yes you are. You are my savior." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


21. ~Chapter 21~

Nataly's P.O.V


After school, I got home and heard my mom and a familiar voice talking. Curious, I walked to the living room where the voices were. It was my Aunt Nancy who was talking to my mom.


"Auntie A!" I squealed as we hugged. She lives in America so I don't see her much. She chuckled as we hugged. 


"Hello, monkey! How are you? Got a boyfriend yet?" My aunt asked. She always calls me monkey. When I was younger I use to climb on everything. I giggled.


"No boyfriend. And I'm doing great! What are you doing here Auntie? I thought you were coming in November?" I asked as I got serious.


"I and your mom have some news for you," she smiled and looked at my mom. My mom smiled back. "You got accepted to Yale University!" My jaw dropped.


"What! No way! When do I start?" I asked. 


"Next month!" My mom spoke up. I frowned.


"What about High school? I only have two years left?" I asked.


"Don't worry! They looked at your grades and called up Nancy and want you to come! They said you will pick up the lessons quickly," she answered. I still felt something really bad in me but I put on a fake smile.


"That's great..." I said slowly. My mom and Aunt hugged me and I walked to my room. How am I going to tell Michael and Calum? They are my only friends right now.... Luke was my friend... I shook him out of my head as I focused on my future. Should I go? Should I leave the only people that stood by me when the whole Luke and May thing happened? I sighed... The only thing I could do is tell them... I'll forgive Luke and hope he will still be my friend. After that, I guess I'll be gone... I fell asleep.


I woke up to a knock at my door. I know I'm not late for school because it's a Saturday so I waited until whoever was knocking spoke.


"Nataly! A boy is here to see you!" My mom shouted from the other side of the door. I stumbled out the door and down the stairs. It was Luke. 


"What do you want Luke?" I asked as I crossed my arms. He held out his hand. I looked at him confused.


"Just take my hand," he said. I looked down at my PJs then back at him.


"Can I change first?" I asked. He nodded. I ran upstairs and changed then ran back down. I took his hand and we walked to his car. His friend Ashton was in the front.


"I don't really want to drive and Ashton owns me," Luke explained. I giggled and sat in the back with Luke. I wonder what he has planned....

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