My Savior [L.H. fanfic] *Complete*

"I'm not a savior," he said. "Yes you are. You are my savior." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


16. ~Chapter 16~

~Luke's P.O.V~

*Same Friday night*


I was scared. I finally get to go on a date with the girl that I had liked since we were little kids. I ran my fingers through my hair while I looked at myself in the mirror. Alli was right. I did change. I jumped when I heard a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone but I still went to see who it was. When I opened it, a groan left my mouth. It was May.


"Why so mad? I thought you would want to see me?" she smirked as she tilted her head.


"Not really," I murmured, hoping she didn't hear me but I saw in her face she did. She looked me up and down.


"Wow! You look great! Where are you going handsome?" she asked getting closer to me. I backed up.


"Me and Nataly are going on a date," I said proudly.  May's smirked turned to a glare.


"So she didn't brake it off," she whispered but loud enough so I can hear.


"What do you mean?" I asked confused.


"Never mind! You know. I don't think it's such a great idea to go on a date with Nataly,"


"Why not?"


"Because she loves being popular and John gave that to her so I think she's using you to get him back," she shrugged.


"She would never do that!" I shouted. 


"Okay! Okay! Whatever you say! But if you find her kissing John on her porch when you pick her up, I told you so," she said backing up and walking away. I shrugged off the thought and got in my car to go pick her up. When I got there my mouth dropped. May was right. Nataly used me.


Wow! Now we know what Luke's side of it is. 


Sorry for the long update. I been pretty busy.


Comment what you think is going to happen. Whoever gets close will get a chance to be in here. :)


Good luck! 



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