My Savior [L.H. fanfic] *Complete*

"I'm not a savior," he said. "Yes you are. You are my savior." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


15. ~Chapter 15~

~Nataly's P.O.V~

"Guess who I met at the movies yesterday!" May squealed. She was hanging out with me at my house today.


"Who?" I asked giggling at her excitement.


"Oh just Luke Hemmings, the new hottest guy in school!" she squealed. "Do you know him? Oh wait! You guys are going on a date," she said glaring at me. Well that went down hill quickly.


"Why do you care? You don't even like him," I pointed out.


"Well now I do so you better brake off the date so me and him can date," she said with a fake smile. Then it just hit me. She has been using me to be popular all long. 


"No," I replied. Her smile turned to a glare again.


"What did you just say?" she asked standing up from the chair she was sitting on. I stood up from my bed.


"You heard me. I said-" before I could finished she pinched me. I gripped my nose as it started to bleed.


"You better or I will have to myself," she said as she walked out.  I gulped. 


*Friday: Night of the date*

I gulped. I didn't brake off the date with Luke like May so now I was more nervous than ever. She said she would but what does that mean? A knock on the door made me jump. That must be Luke. I opened it to see John. 


"What are you doing here?" I asked. He didn't answer my question. He kissed me before I had a chance to ask anything else. I heard a cough before us. That's when I knew that was really Luke. I looked at him. He had a hurt look all over his face. "Luke I-"


"Stop! Just stop.... I guess May was right..." I looked at him confused.


"What do you mean she was right? What did she tell you!" I shouted as tears were threatening to fall. I knew she was up to this.


"It doesn't matter. I guess we weren't meant to be..." he said slowly walking away. I wanted so badly to run over there and hug him and kiss him but I couldn't. My feet wouldn't move as I just watch him drive off.I ran inside before anything else could happen.I cried in my room for the rest of the night. I think I just lost the most greatest guy I ever met.


Hey! Wow! This almost had me in tears but there's a reason why I wanted it to be this way. Next will be Luke's side of the story so get ready for that. 


Sorry for the long wait. Finally know what I'm going to do for this story. :) More coming soon.


Thanks for the 80 favorites! I love you guys for that!



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