My Savior [L.H. fanfic] *Complete*

"I'm not a savior," he said. "Yes you are. You are my savior." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


13. ~Chapter 13~

It was weird to see Luke with so many girls. One day he's a total nerdy guy that every girl thinks is weird and the next he's a hot guy with a lip ring that every girl wants to be with! Don't get me wrong. I like Luke now but I also liked the old Luke Hemmings. The one that got nervous when he spoke to me. The one that would rather be in the library then outside playing sports. The one that stole my heart by standing up to John. No one has every done that for me and I'm thankful for that. 


As I walked down the steps of the school, watching as boys and girls hurried to their cars or to their buses to go home. I walked to my car. It was nice to drive my own car and not to be on that bus full of crazy kids. As I was about to unlock it I heard someone call my name. I turned and saw Luke.He ran up to me, panting but smiled when he got to me.


"Hey, Luke! Are you okay?" I asked giggling.


"Hey, Nataly! Yeah. I'm fine. Are we still on for Friday?" he asked as he finally caught his breath.


"Totally! I see that other girls have been flirting with you. How does it feel?"


"How does what feel?"


"Getting attention from the women?"


"Good, I guess. I mean I already got the attention of my favorite woman," he said smirking at me. I kind of blushed. I don't know if I should be flattered or not. I cuddled myself to get warm. It was pretty chilly outside.


"Well, I better get back home. I have homework," I say as I turn to unlock my car. Luke stops me and turns me around. I look at him confused.


"I need to ask you something before you go," he breathed. His breath so warmly on my cheeks.


"And what is it?" I ask.


"May I kiss you?" he asked inching closer. I smiled and nodded a little as I inched closer to.


"Luke! We need to go!" one of Luke's friends shouted from another car a few miles away from mine. Luke groaned. I sighed.


"Well I guess I will have to kiss you later," Luke said sadly. I nodded and hugged him. He hugged me back and ran off to his friends. I got into my car and drove home. As I walked in I notice I was the only one home so I ran to my room and flopped on the bed. I don't know if I like this new Luke. It just didn't feel right.

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