The Maze

Anna was dragged to a Halloween maze by her best friend, but after The Maze, Anna regrets ever befriending her best friend. Little did they know that, The Maze would unleash a troubled boy that will cause Anna a bit of Stockholm syndrome.
"What are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" I ask as we run away from the cabin that was my home for almost a month.

"For you, I would do anything." He says back.

Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I wake up to the smell of bacon which is odd because Eric usually makes me make his breakfast. I roll out of his bed. I think today's the day I get my room back. I've been here for 3 weeks and there's been no news from Jon or Eric. I don't know when jobs going to deal with me or when I'm allowed to go home.

I run out of bed and make my way to the kitchen while tying a messy bun. I walk into the kitchen and sit down at the table filled with bacon and pancakes. My favourite.

"Eric?" I call out.

I walk over to the sliding doors. I stop in front of them. I haven't been outside or seen the outdoors in so long. I'm actually super nervous to see what's behind these doors and my surroundings. Shut up, you can do this. I slowly open the doors and get hit by the morning sun. We are located in front of a forest on a little hill. It's so beautiful and peaceful up here. I look around and see Eric siting on a rock. I run over to him.

"Hey there neighbour." I say.

He looks over at me and smiles.

"Why are you up? And why did you make breakfast?" I ask.

He points at the sunrise and I nod at its beauty. Since the sun is almost fully up its mostly orange, yellow and a little bluish pink. It's so pretty.

"I made breakfast because you deserve a break." He says as standing up and walking to the house.

I smile at the sight and stay sitting for a while. I look around. No where to run if I wanted to. I'm surrounded by the nature. I look at one bush that starts to move near me. I look closely and it's probably going to be a bunny. It starts ruffling a bit more. I look harder and see it coming out of the bush. It's a coyote.

I stand up and start backing up but it follows. As I walk back I trip on an exposed root and fall back on my butt.

"Ouch" I mumble. I try getting up but the coyote is getting really close. I'm trying to move but I can't. My foot is stuck in the exposed root and I'm in shock. I'm going to get eaten by a coyote. The coyote walks onto my lap and slowly likes my arm. Tears rush down my cheeks. I want to get up but I can't. It scratches me and I scream out. I try to get up but it's too late. It goes in for a bite but BANG I hear a gunshot in the distance and the coyote runs off. I look to the direction of the gunshot and see Eric running at me with a shotgun strapped to him.

"Are you alright? Oh my god." He says as he untangles my foot from the roots.

I nod since I'm still a little scared and struck by the recent incidents.

He puts his hand out and I take it. He helps me off. He grabs my arm and gasps.

"Holy shit that's a deep scratch. Let me clean if up." He says and walks me to the house. I smile at him and slowly walk beside him.

We enter the kitchen and he locks the sliding doors.

"Sit on the counter." He directs and I do. He gets the first aid kit and comes to me.

He sprays disinfectant and I squeal and the pain.

"Holy fuck." I say and he laughs a bit. He wipes up the scratch and puts a bandage on it.

"All better now" Eric smiles.

"It is and thank you for saving me." I say with a smile.

I get off a counter and kiss his cheek as a thank you and he instantly blushes. I turn and walk away but get interrupted because Eric grabs my arm and pulls me into him. My hands land on his chest and our eyes lock. I am just standing there in shock gazing into his beautiful light and pastel eyes. He leans in and slowly presses his lips to mine. I don't stop him. His lips are soft and delicate. But then reality hits me and I'm kissing my attractive and sweet kidnapper. Now this is a holy fuck moment.

I part our lips and he smiles while I blush.

"I've always wanted to do that." He says.

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