The Maze

Anna was dragged to a Halloween maze by her best friend, but after The Maze, Anna regrets ever befriending her best friend. Little did they know that, The Maze would unleash a troubled boy that will cause Anna a bit of Stockholm syndrome.
"What are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" I ask as we run away from the cabin that was my home for almost a month.

"For you, I would do anything." He says back.

Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

    What the hell? Is what I keep thinking. I want to scream but I can't. I'm too afraid that there is no noise coming out of my mouth.   

"Don't make a sound." The man says in a low raspy voice. He doesn't sound old.  Maybe 20? I hear him pull something out of his pocket. I feel something being pressed against my neck. It's cold and sharp. I know it's a knife. 

  I swallow hard and drop the bat. There's no way I'll be able to hit him with it when he's behind me.   He slowly takes his hand off my mouth. I take a deep breath preparing for what's going to happen next. 

  He turns me around with the knife still pressed to my neck.  I look at him with shock. I've seen him before. I can't forget those eyes. Those piercing green eyes. It's the guy from the maze.  "What do you want?" I say quietly.  "I want nothing of you. I'm just doing my job. Now shut up and do as I say." He says.  I nod and follow him.  He walks towards the door and begins to open it.  I see this as my chance to run and I do.  I run to the kitchen as fast as I can and grab the bat.  He notices and runs behind me. I run to the garden doors and as I begin to open them I hear a loaded gun and the barrel pull back. I drop the bat and put my hands up to show i surrender.  "Nice try babe. Not going to work." He says as he hand cuffs me. "Do exactly what I say or next time the bullet will go straight through your brain. Understand?" He says. I nod as a tear falls down my cheek.  We walk outside to his big black van. No one is outside and all the lights are off probably because it's really late which makes things even more worse for me.  He puts me in the passenger seat and handcuffs me to the dashboard.  I try not to cry. All I want to do is scream and run away. I don't want to go with him. He might rape me then kill me. I am not strong enough to even survive a rape. I will probably die right away because of fear. What happens if he kills me in the middle of no where and they never recover my body? What happens if he holds me hostage for the rest of my life? I can't do this.  The doors slams which brings me back to reality. He starts the car and pushes the gas.  "Where are you taking me?" I ask.  He doesn't look over and he doesn't answer me.  "I asked you a question sir." I say harshly. I am being persistent to show him I have no fear.  His grip tightens on the steering wheel. "You're lucky we are driving right now or else you'd have a black eye. Don't give me fucken attitude. And we are going some where that isn't here. Happy?" He says through gritted teeth.  "The happiest." I say and roll my eyes.  As he drives I glance over at our speed. We are going 60 miles per hour. If I were to jump out now I will get a few broke ribs and scratches. I would still be able to run.  I look at my hand, cuffed to the dashboard. I start to slowly feel the handcuff to see is it has one of those secret latches that unlock it. But no luck.  What could possibly open these stupid cuffs up? I scratch my head and hit a sharp piece of metal. A bobby pin! I take it out of my hair and slowly fiddle around with the lock in the cuff so he doesn't notice me.  The lock won't budge. No matter what I do nothing is working.  I give up and let out a huge sigh.  "What do you want from me? Seriously? How the fuck will I be any use to you, a complete stranger?" I say with so much anger Im pretty sure I'm really red.  "Holy crap. You're so annoying. I don't want anything from you. I'm just doing what my boss asks. Please shut up before I do something we both will regret." He says as he turns into a dirt driveway.  He keeps driving up this pathway deeper into the forest. If I wasn't on a road to my death I would totally love the scenery. I can see the moon shining through the branches and I see the leaves blow and move along with the wind. It's beautiful but eery. At least I'll die in a beautiful forest.  After a couple of minutes of driving we arrive at a old, rustic looking cottage. It has a couple of garden lights around it but over all it looks beat down. The logging on the outside of the house is rotted, the shingles are coming off the roof, there is a cracked window, and horrible paint job. This place needs tons of work.  My kidnapper gets out of the car and comes to my side. He opens the door. "Get out." He says.  I point to my handcuffs. "Hard to do that smart ass." I say as I roll my eyes.  He unlocks the cuffs and squeezes my wrist. "Watch it princess." He says.  I tug my wrist away from him and get out of the car.  "Welcome to paradise. This will be your home until we kill you or until you die." He says with a wide smile.  "Thank you. Feels great to be welcomed." I say as I smile to him.  He rolls his eyes and unlocks the Front door. He opens it and I'm completely shocked. It's nice and clean. It has the rustic country feel with a leather couch and big TV and fireplace. The kitchen is huge and clean.  "Don't judge a book by its cover." He says as he puts his bag down. He gestures for me to follow him and I do because to be honest, I'm too afraid to know the consequences.  He leads me down the hall to a room. He pushes me inside. It's pretty big. It has a bed in one corner and sheets in the other. It has no windows and no colour. It has a small bathroom with no window either.  "This is your room. This is where you are staying. You are not to move out of here. This is how your home." He says and locks the door. 

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