The Maze

Anna was dragged to a Halloween maze by her best friend, but after The Maze, Anna regrets ever befriending her best friend. Little did they know that, The Maze would unleash a troubled boy that will cause Anna a bit of Stockholm syndrome.
"What are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" I ask as we run away from the cabin that was my home for almost a month.

"For you, I would do anything." He says back.

Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 

        "Hey there my lovely!" I hear a very perky voice scream as the final bell rings. I slam my locker shut.  "Hey." I say back and smile to my best friend as I grip my math textbook.  "How did you like The Maze yesterday?" She asks as she gives me a sly smile knowing my answer already.  "It was okay. Better than watching Netflix all night." I say the last part over dramatically.  She starts to laugh knowing that Netflix is my life. "Okay sweetie pie, but you got to admit, there were some fine boys." She says as we make our way out of the school.  "Yeah I guess." I say as the image of the guy with green eyes creeps into my brain once again. Those eyes were creepy yet beautiful.  "I have a dentist appointment so I can't walk home. Be safe and I love you! Tell me when you're home!" She says.  "Alright!" I scream as I run to the direction of my house.  Where I live is a very quiet community so I'll probably b the only one on the streets.  Cars pass and I start to count all the black ones.  1...2...3.. They pass by slowly.  But one Mazda passes by a little too slowly.  The windows are tinted so I am unable to see the person in the front seat but I can most definitely tell he is staring at me.  I keep walking and pretend im on the phone with someone. The person speeds off.  I run home as fast as I can, fumble with the keys and get inside.  "Sweetie is that you?" I hear my mom yell from the kitchen.  "Yeah!" I say. I make my way into the kitchen and take a huge bite out of an apple I found in our fruit bowl.  I kiss my moms cheek.  "How was your day?" She asks.  "Fine." I say back.  "Is it she who dares to step foot in my house?" I can hear my dad scream while he runs down the stairs.  "It is I." I say as I laugh. He hugs me and kisses me on the cheek. We always had this close bond. I don't know. My dad and I really click. We have the same interests and everything. We are both sporty and my mom is the classic girly girl. I still love her to death though.  "How was your day mitten?" He asks. "Fine like usual." My mom intervenes with a small chuckle. I nod fast.  "Boring." My dad says.  "Tell me about it."   ~~~~~~    We all sit at the dinner table and dig right in.  "You remember that me and your father are going on the trip tonight right?" My mom asks.  My dad and mom are going on a trip to visit my grandmother in Italy because she isn't doing to well. Their flight leaves in about a couple hours.  "Yeah, I do. I just wish she'd get better." I say while I play with my peas.  "We all do. The rules and emergency contacts are on the fridge. You know how to cook but there is some already made food you just need to cook up. Make yourself a lunch. Remember that and what am I forgetting?" My dad says.  "Curfew." I say with a sigh.  "Oh yeah. 8 o'clock. No body over except your friend Becca. Okay?" He says.  "I know. She's my only friend anyways." I say with a chuckle.  "Don't be such a downer." My mom says.  "We should get going. We love you so much. Be safe." My mom says then kisses me.  "I love you. Pleas be careful." My dad says.  I nod. I lock the door as they leave. I let out a huge sigh and clean up in the kitchen.  I run up to my room and blast my music.  I sing along as I do my math homework.  As I sing my heart out I hear a bang. I lower the volume to my music and stay quiet for a moment to hear if there is any other bangs. As I start to raise the volume another bang comes from downstairs.  "Maybe my parents forgot something?" I say to myself. I open my room door and look out into the hallway but there is nothing.  "Hello?" I scream and it's silent.  I grab my baseball bat and walk down the stairs. As in mid way down the stair case I hear another loud bang.  I dial 911 because I know there is an intruder.  "Hello. This is 911, what seems to be the problem?" The lady on the line says.  "I think there is someone in my house." I say with a whisper as I stand on the stairs. "Okay remain calm. What is your address?" She says.  "52 water crescent." I say.  "Emergency cruisers are in their way. Remain on the line wi-" she says but get cut off. I look at my cell and there are no bars.  I put my phone in my pocket and grip my bat.  I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. The window is broken.  I feel someone's breath on my neck but as I begin to turn around a hand is placed over my mouth. 
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