Because You Are You

Veronica's POV
I'd like to say we fell in love the way you do in the fairy tales. The way where the little princess is falling head over heels in love with her Prince Charming. And Prince Charming is falling head over heels in love with the little princess. You know. All that lovey-dovey fancy shmancy stuff. When I was little I thought that's how it would turn out. God was I wrong. Anyway, I'd like to say that happened. But if I did I would be lying to all of your pretty little faces. And I am a terrible liar. The worst liar. In the history of liars.. Ever. So I am going to ask you to lat back, relax, and grab some popcorn because this is going to take a while. If you don't want to read this. It's fine. I get it. But let me tell you. You'll be missing out.


3. Meeting The Boys

At 4:00, I changed into a pair of dark denim ripped skinny jeans and my Nirvana T-shirt. I straightened my blonde hair and applied some concealer and mascara. Then I threw on a pair of gold sandals. I sat on my bed while charging my phone and waiting for Calum to come. At 5:00 on the dot I heard a knock at the door. "Victoria, it's me Calum. You ready?" "Uh.. Yeah. One sec." I unplugged my phone and opened the door. Calum was standing there in a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a Nirvana T-shirt. "Were you like spying on me or something?" I asked. "I was going to ask you the same question. We walked over to a hotel room a floor down. When we got in the elevator Calum covered his area with his hands. "I'm not going to kick you this time. I promise." He calmed down a bit. We walked over to I'm guessing what was his room. He opened it with the card and we walked in. He was gently pushing me with his hand in the small of my back. Even though I didn't really know him, it felt kind of comforting. When I walked in, I saw a guy with green hair lying on one of the beds in a neon green shirt, black ripped skinny jeans and combat boots. Then I saw a boy with extremely curly dirty blonde hair wearing a Blink 182 muscle T-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans and a fedora. Then I saw a blonde boy in the bathroom fixing his hair. He was wearing a plain white and black T-shirt and black ripped skinny jeans. And a bow. Yes. A pink bow in his hair. "So I'm guessing you guys like ripped skinny jeans too?" I said as I looked down at my own legs. They all looked over. "H-h-hi. M-Michael Clifford" said the boy with green hair. He had run over and introduced himself. Next the boy with the fedora came over and said"I'm Ashton Irwin." The he gave me a cheeky smile and started tapping on the desk in the corner. The boy with the bow came over and hugged me. I'm Luke Hemmings and I like penguins and hugs." He said simply and say down. I said, "I'm Veronica Fields."after that we all say down in a circle. First we asked eachother questions like 'why are you in France' and all that shit. Apparently they were a band. Soon Michael suggested "let's play truth or dare." We all agreed. "Luke truth or dare." "Dare." He said. "Alright. I dare you to run around the hallways naked." "Okay." Luke said. I buried my face into the closest shoulder so I wouldn't see anything. After Luke came back, and he was clothed, I looked up and saw that it had been Calum's shoulder. I mentally blushed but didn't show anything. Then Luke sat down. "Veronica, truth or dare." Said Luke. "Truth." I picked. Micheal coughed, "Pussy." I glared at him. "Am not!" I felt like I was in 3rd grade. " Fine. I'll do a dare. See?" Luke thought for a while. I was actually quite scared. He finally said."I dare you yo make out with one of us. For 3 minutes." My mouth fell open but I quickly closed it. I picked the first person I saw. I grabbed Michaels face and slammed my lips onto his and we made out for 3 minutes. After the three minutes were up, I sat back up and wiped my mouth slightly. All four boys were staring at me confused, even Mikey. There was something different about Calum's face though. Was that jealousy? No, Veronica. You just met him. He's not jealous. Is he? Luke stood up and pretended to walk away. "We'll just leave you two at it then." He joked. Then he sat back down. "Calum. Truth or dare. I said. We kept going and answered some questions like "are you a virgin?" Which I am. And "if you could date any of us who would it be?" Which was Michael because I had made out with him and I got dared to do some other things. At 11:00 I was getting pretty tired. Calum decided for me that I was going to crash here because he didn't feel like walking me back and he didn't want me walking alone at this hour even if it was a hotel. Yes he decided for me. I picked to sleep in the bed with Michael and Calum. I borrowed a pair of pajama shorts and a big T-shirt. I put my hair up in a bun. I fell asleep with my head against Calum's back and Michael's arm around my waist. It was actually pretty comfortable. I fell asleep quickly with a smile on my face. I think these boys were going to be my friends.

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