Harry potter and frozen truth OR dare

Hello im twyla silvermoon! And i have over at my house Harry,Ginny,Albus Potter,Elsa,Draco,Hermionie,Ron,and luna and anna over for a game of Harry Potter And Frozen Truth OR Dare!!! Hehehehe i will acept truths or dares!! WARNING I CAN WRIGHT ON DECEMBER FIRST MAYBE IF I UPDATE MY SOFTWERE THING


1. round one


  "OK so guys you are traped here doing truthes or dares and you get to eat some brownies or chocolate chips with milk if you complement every Challenge and whoever dosnt do the challange that the person sent me they have to decide all of your consequences so here are the rules

 1.NO electronics

  2.NO wands

  and yea i guess thats about it so here is dare from Dramione is Perfect he/she dares harry to kiss elsa while ginny is watching" i smiled evily "WHAT?!????????" said ginny. anna whispered to elsa about some thing and elsa whipered to me "does it count if i just freeze him" and i said "nope they havent said so imma tyake it as a no" 



  We leaned awkwardly close to each other and harry whispered to me "does it count if ya just freeze me?" "no, so lets just kiss and never speak to each other again agreed?" i said "agreed" he said so we leaned closer untill we finally kissed.

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