The Doctor's Rose

It's been three long years since the Doctor left Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. He never got another companion and has been traveling through time and space alone for those three years. Rose, on the other hand, hasn't forgotten her doctor. She still believes he's coming back for her, no matter what they say.
Then the Doctor finds a gap in time and space.
And its bigger than he's ever seen before.
Wit the chance to go back to the girl he loves, the Doctor has a tough choice to make. Because in twelve months the gap will close, and he'll break Rose Tyler's heart again.
What will he choose?


4. The Doctor

I practically tripped trying to open the doors.  If I could get back to Rose, and believe me, I could, now was the time to do it.  

But something didn't look right.  

The crack was as normal as any other space crack.  It looked normal, just a jagged line.  But there was something wrong.  Something different.  And it filled me with something cold, painful, and harsh.  

Fear? No.  

More like...dread.  

The feeling seeped into me, down into my bones, deep into both of my hearts, piercing me.  Dripping, and running, and flowing into my regenerated body.  

Rose wasn't safe.  

She wasn't even close.  

I acted fast.  Pulled out my Sonic Screwdriver and Soniced the space crack.  

Ah, so that was what was wrong.  The crack was normal, but it was closing.  Fast.  In twelve months the crack would close completely, sealing off the world.  If I just happened to be in that world at that time, both universes would fall into the reopened void.  

If I went, I would have to go back.  

I would have to break Rose's heart again.  

Again.  I couldn't do that to her.  I just couldn't.  Was it worth it?  Was it worth seeing the love of my twelve lives again if I had to break her heart again in a year?  Think of the possibilities, I chided myself.  You could have a family in a year.  You could get married.  Share a morgtage, just like she suggested.  If not that, you could at least see her again.  Tell her you love her.  But another part of my brain decided to join the argument.  You'd break her heart!  Can you really do that?  Really?  I don't think you can.  What if you regenerate in that world?  She won't leave you, and you can't take her with you.  Think of the risk.  

It looked like I had some thinking to do.  

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