The Doctor's Rose

It's been three long years since the Doctor left Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. He never got another companion and has been traveling through time and space alone for those three years. Rose, on the other hand, hasn't forgotten her doctor. She still believes he's coming back for her, no matter what they say.
Then the Doctor finds a gap in time and space.
And its bigger than he's ever seen before.
Wit the chance to go back to the girl he loves, the Doctor has a tough choice to make. Because in twelve months the gap will close, and he'll break Rose Tyler's heart again.
What will he choose?


2. The Doctor

Three years.  It's been three years.  And I haven't given up yet.  

The TARDIS groans.  It's just a normal day in the life of a Timelord, I mean, as normal as it can get.  As normal as I can possibly get.  Gripping the console with one foot, I grope for the lever and prepare myself for the farmiliar shock of being thrown against the wall with the force of time.  But the wave of pressure never comes.  Instead, the wall bursts into flame.  I scramble for the right buttons, still holding on to the console, with one leg slung over the side. The console lights up, blue fire spreading quick.  My pants leg catches on fire.  My Sonic Screwdriver starts Sonicing.  What is going on??  

Then it all stops.  

Quietly I open the TARDIS doors.  The fire has gone out.  Everything is fine.  Or so I thought.  

But when the doors open I don't see Earth.  

Instead I see a huge galaxy.  It looks a rose...

And in the center of this galaxy there's a huge black line jutting through the stars.  

A gap.  

A gap in time and space.  


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