The Doctor's Rose

It's been three long years since the Doctor left Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. He never got another companion and has been traveling through time and space alone for those three years. Rose, on the other hand, hasn't forgotten her doctor. She still believes he's coming back for her, no matter what they say.
Then the Doctor finds a gap in time and space.
And its bigger than he's ever seen before.
Wit the chance to go back to the girl he loves, the Doctor has a tough choice to make. Because in twelve months the gap will close, and he'll break Rose Tyler's heart again.
What will he choose?


3. Rose

A/N: Hey so this is my first Movella and I was so happy to see all the positive feedback!!!  I wrote a long chapter and it was actually really good but my laptop crashed so I am so sorry this didn't get this up until now.  I will try to post at least a chapter a day, up to five daily. Im sorry this one is so short and I will absolutely try to write lonegr chapters in the future. Keep the reads and likes coming!  Ily all!!  


"Rose."  I sat up with a jerk.  It was only 3:30 am, but there it was, the same voice that had been haunting my dreams since the day the Doctor left me at Bad Wolf Bay.  Alone in my room, I sank back into my pillows.  "Rose."  I took a shaky breath.  Sometimes I would wake up with the voice in my head, thinking he was laying beside me.  Then I would stare at the empty space and wonder: why me?  Surely his new companion was happy with him, and surely he was happy with her.  Why did all the sorrow have to fall on innocent little Rose Tyler?  

In a way, I guess I wasn't so innocent. 

The next morning I woke up with a start.  I could've sworn someone was touching me, but there was no one there.  

"Im going insane," I whispered to myself as I got dressed.  Just before Bad Wolf, just about a month after I'd first met the Doctor, he'd given me a ring.  

"If you ever need me," he'd said, sliding it onto my finger, "Just touch the ring and say 'who.'  I promise, I'll always be there.  Always.  Okay?  I won't give up, Rose, but you have to trust me.  If you need me, at all, ever,  I'll come.  I promise."

"Where are you, Doctor?" I asked that morning, as I put the ring on.  I'd tried the procedure many times.  

He'd never answered.  


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