The Doctor's Rose

It's been three long years since the Doctor left Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. He never got another companion and has been traveling through time and space alone for those three years. Rose, on the other hand, hasn't forgotten her doctor. She still believes he's coming back for her, no matter what they say.
Then the Doctor finds a gap in time and space.
And its bigger than he's ever seen before.
Wit the chance to go back to the girl he loves, the Doctor has a tough choice to make. Because in twelve months the gap will close, and he'll break Rose Tyler's heart again.
What will he choose?


1. Rose

He's gone.  

It's been three years.  

Three whole years since he (the Doctor) left me.  

I still cant believe I've survived this long.  The only thing keeping me going is my belief that he's coming back.  Because he is.  He wouldn't just leave me.  If there's one thing that the Doctor always told me, it was never to give up.  Every day I traveled with him he said "don't give up, Rose." Iy was always "don't give up."  

And I promised him.  

So I won't give up.  

And neither will he.  

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