The Doctor's Rose

It's been three long years since the Doctor left Rose at Bad Wolf Bay. He never got another companion and has been traveling through time and space alone for those three years. Rose, on the other hand, hasn't forgotten her doctor. She still believes he's coming back for her, no matter what they say.
Then the Doctor finds a gap in time and space.
And its bigger than he's ever seen before.
Wit the chance to go back to the girl he loves, the Doctor has a tough choice to make. Because in twelve months the gap will close, and he'll break Rose Tyler's heart again.
What will he choose?


5. A/N

A/N: I'm going to be finishing this story up because i have another one, "When Life Gives You Lemons," that I'm working on, and I'll also be entering a fanfic contest that will take up most of my time.  I just wanted to say that if this story is going to continue, I will be updating much more infrequently, maybe only a chapter a week.  I love the fact that you guys like this story, but I do have other things taking up my time.  Also, I'm kind of running out of ideas for Rose's POV.  Writing from my least favorite companions POV is not the easiest (or funnest) thing to do.  So bear with me, please.  I will be updating soon (I hope) 


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