My Heart Goes On

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3. Chapter 2 ~ My Story/How I Met Him

My Heart Goes On || a.i. fanfiction

Chapter 2 ~ My Story.


"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

I grew up in America; home of the brave. I wasn't loved, I guess. I just think that because I never knew my parents. I grew up with my Gran and Gramps. I barely remember them because they had me shipped over seas to my uncle's house; my dad's brother in Australia.

I've always called my uncle Crowley. I think I know his real name, which is Jim. Anyways, Crowley told me that my parents died. He has pictures hanging up, but I can't recognize them. He told me my dad's name was John. Apparently my Gran and Gramps had a serious J-name fetish, which was passed onto my dad and Jim.

My name is Jordyn Abbot. My brother's name is Dean, but I call him Jeff. I wanted to continue with the J's. Jeff is younger than me by a year. We look like twins; blond hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, luscious pink lips. Our personalities are complete opposites, though. I spend my time inside, on the internet. He spends his time outside, getting exercise. I have internet friends, he has friends at school. I don't have a social life, he does. 

I'm jealous of him. Everyone praises him at school, like he's an angel of the lord! And I'm treated like a demon; everyone avoids me. "She's weird!" "She's related to Dean?" "She's ugly!" 

That's all I hear, everyday, for ten months. And to say it hurts is an understatement. To say it doesn't hurt me is the biggest lie in the world. But Jeff wouldn't give a single fuck in the world. He hates me. He was always saying how I didn't deserve to live. 

I didn't understand that either. And now he cares about me, because I'm long gone. Dead.



I scroll through my dashboard on my tumblr account, liking and reblogging everything. I loved my followers. They thought I was cool, that I was awesome. I thought that they were awesome, always supporting me with what I do. Caring about me when no one else was there. 

"Jordyn!" Jeff yells from the steps. Great, he's going to tell me to die. I set down my laptop and grab my phone. I walk out of my room, which was Heaven, to be honest. Fangirl, that is all to be said about my room. I walk over to the railing and look down at him, "Yes?" 

"Hey, assbutt, throw me down my football," he commands, as I roll my eyes. "You don't even watch Supernatural, so you have no right to say assbutt," I say, throwing his football. "Nice spiral," he says, walking outside, without having the decency to close the door! Well, at least he complimented me.

I see a guy with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes staring at me. I roll my eyes and stalk back into my room and close and lock the door. I plug in my iPhone 5S into my dock. I scroll through my music and click "Carry On Wayward Son." I turn the music all the way up and start singing. I jump around my room. "ONCE I ROSE ABOVE THE NOISE AND CONFUSION, JUST TO GET A GLIMPSE BEYOND THIS ILLUSION! I WAS SOARING EVER HIGHER, BUT I FLEW TOO HIGH!" I sing out, dancing weirdly.

Someone knocks on my door and I open it. It's that guy, with the curly blond hair and hazel eyes, which look green right now. "Yes?" I ask, stepping away to let him in. He walks over to my phone and makes a sad face when he realizes there's a password. I see him start typing and watch as he unlocks it. "Trust me, I know your password," he says in an appealing way. 

"What is it? And how do you know it?" I ask with an icy tone about my voice. "Dude, you like Supernatural and I know that there's a '67 Chevy Impala in it, with the license being CNK 8003," he states with a little smirk on his face. I just roll my eyes and let out a small laugh. "Oh, by the way, your room is pretty epic and you're really beautiful. Don't listen to your brother, he's just jealous of you," the mystery guy says. I nod and let out a small, "Thank you."

Mystery Man starts to leave my room, but I grab his arm. I look up at him and my tongue won't work. My throat was swelled up. No Jordyn, you DO NOT like him when you don't even know his name. "What's your name?" I ask.


"Ashton Irwin."

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