The Step Sisters (A Cameron Dallas & Nash Grier Fanfiction)

Laura and Kassie Floyd are fraternal twins born to Mariah and Jonnie Floyd, when Jonnie moves in and marries his long term girlfriend Elizabeth Grier-Floyd they meet their step siblings Will, Nash & Hayes and little half sister Skylynn, they couldn't be more excited! But when Laura answers answers Nash's facetime call from one of the boys and screams while answering, everything changes...will Nash and Will's 'NO DATiNG OUR SISTERS'S' rule affect it?


1. Introducing Laura and Amity Floyd

Hi...I'm Laura Claire Floyd!

I'm 17 and a half, blonde, blue eyed & tanned!

I like video games, music, dying my hair & anything edible!

I have a fraternal twin, 3 step brothers named Will Nash & Hayes & a half sister named Skylynn.

My dad's name is Johnnie Floyd, he was married to our mom Clara for 13 years until she passed away from cancer. Our step mom's name is Elizabeth, she's the best step mom we could ask for, she's amazing!

Hi! I'm Amity Jacinta Floyd!

I'm 17 and a half with brown hair and blue eyes and am pretty tan!

I like dancing, sports, junk food and gardening!

I have a fraternal twin named Laura who's an inch taller than me!

I have 3 step brothers named Will, Nash & Hayes and a half sister named Skylynn.

My step mom Elizabeth is married to our dad Johnnie Floyd.....she's honestly so supportive of us in every way! But......we'll never forget our mom Clara, even though she passed away a few years ago!


Thanks for reading the character bios!!!!!

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