Truths l.h au.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde


6. 06.

It was Finally Friday night again, many teenagers who were attending Luke's Party as usual were prepared for the night ahead of them with their alcohol hidden in their bags and their parents warning and worrying about the party.

Alison and Ivy walked alone to Lou's house, where they arranged to meet. every now and then Ivy huffed and paused to pull her socks up that came with her fancy dress, both girls felt stupid walking down the street even if it was the day before Halloween.

"So you finally decided to go as cat women?" Ivy asked Alison,

"Yeah, Ashton said he was going as Batman and it would piss Luke off even more if me and Ashton matched." Alison bit her lip whilst Ivy watched in disbelief.

"Are you kidding me? You like him don't you!" Ivy asked shocked, and began to laugh when Alison's cheeks began to turn a rose red.

"No.. no it's all an act, I've got to make it realistic" Ivy shook her head and rolled her eyes knowing that Alison was blatantly lying.

Alison and Ivy arrived at Lou's house and looked both two girls up and down in confusion "What happened to the costume idea?" Alison asked, Lou and Iris were dressed in skimpy nurse outfits with fake blood still streaming down their neck, Iris's boobs were bound to fall out any moment.

"If you haven't realized we aren't nerdy like you two." Lou shot back, Alison looked behind them to see Evelyn pretended she wasn't paying any attention to the whole conversation as she dressed up as super women.

"Three." Ivy stated causing Lou to scoff.

"Fine. If you both aren't bothered about revenge for Luke then enjoy the fucking party on your own." Lou stormed off with Iris and Evelyn running behind her.

"Oh my god." Ivy whispered in disbelief to how Lou acted,

"Throwback Thursday or what?" Alison joked, she knew the next day Lou would come running back to them like the old times when she was with Luke.

"Have you noticed that she's changed back into her old self now that she's around Luke, I really don't think this plans going to give us any favours." Alison agreed with Ivy but it was going to be tough to stop the plan since Lou was too into it.

Alison and Ivy never bothered to find the rest of the girls since the party was a lot more chaotic than usual, the two girls couldn't stop talking about how they felt sorry for Evelyn who was always pushed around by Lou; she was more of Lou's minion than a friend but sadly she didn't know how to argue back and she was too scared to say anything to the Pretty Princess of the school.

Lucky Ivy had found some of her friends in the kitchen so she finally introduced Alison to everyone she called her 'best friends.' She also caught up with them all as she hadn't hardly spoken to them whilst bonding with her original friends.

"Another drink?" Aaron asked the two girls before they could even reply he poured vodka in both of their drinks.

"Relax." He rested his arm round Ivy's waist, she rolled her eyes and pushed him off making him moan about how he liked Ivy more than just friends.

"I'll leave you two love birds alone." Alison joked leaving Ivy complaining about how annoyingly drunk he was.

She downed the mixed drink that tasted horrific and thrown the red plastic cup somewhere behind her back and walked to the living room to find more alcohol since a lot of things were on her mind. It wasn't surprising that an hour later she was taking longer to pronounce her words and laughed at anything.

She covered her mouth as she laughed at the two boys trying to chat her up, after awhile later they were both caught up in a conversation together, she slid down off the table and worked her way up the stairs to the bathroom to throw up the mixes people thrown her way. She paused as she gagged but tried to stop herself by covering her mouth.

She paused as she recognized the voices of Lou and Ivy but it took longer to focus on the two whilst her vision was blurry.

"Go into that room and either look under the bed or pillows. I'll stand on the look out and Iris don't fuck up this time." She turned to walk back downstairs to use the downstairs toilet as she didn't want to bump into them both and get shouted at because they're was no sight of Ashton, no texts or calls.

As she turned there was a person right behind her, "Excuse me." She held tightly onto the banister as she tried her best looking as sober as she could.

"What is Ali doing up here when the parties downstairs?" Alison recognized his voice as soon as he spoke which made her groan and sliding down against the wall, to sit one of the steps.

"I hate you so much" she waved her arms in an attempt to push him away,

"I highly doubt that Ali" He laughed but part of him was really hoping that it wasn't true.

"I know, as much as you hurt me; I still want to be your friend." Alison lent on his arm for support as she stood back up. Luke had nothing to reply to that, his mind was going crazy as he couldn't understand why he liked her so much even when her makeup is halfway down her face and making borking sounds.

He became distracted by voices coming from the top of the stairs that was similar to Lou's and Iris' voice, he grabbed Alison's hand and dragged her down the stairs and into the closest room to the stairs so they weren't seen by anyone and locked the door behind Alison.

Alison threw herself on one of the couches; not bothering that her makeup smudged onto a couch, more expensive than her wardrobe full of her clothes. Luke lifted her legs up as he sat down and placed them on top of him. "Nice cat women out fit also."

"Oh my god you dick!" Alison sat up and Luke's eyes widened, worried since he had no clue what he had done now, usually he did. "You're the reason why Ashton isn't here, how did you know?"

"Lou hinted too much about how weird it'd be if Ashton turned up so I warned him not come but I honestly didn't know you were going to be cat women." Luke began to tickle Alison's leg making him smirk when she began to hum at how nice it was.

"So were are you sleeping tonight?" Luke asked, hoping that she'd sleep at his that night,

"I'm going home, it's only an hour walk" She opened one eye and smiled as she looked at Luke, knowing she's triggered something.

"No way are you walking on your own at like four in the morning looking like that." Luke pointed at her outfit making Alison feel a little embarrassed about what she was wearing,

Alison sat up and moved her legs off Luke, "excuse me? Looking like what? Whatever I'm wearing shouldn't be a fucking problem, why the fuck am I here with you right now anyway, I hate you." It stung Luke's heart as she emphasised on the hate, he didn't even mean it in that way but kept quite as he also realised that those two are toxic in a room on their own but it was so hard to forget about her. "And for the record I actually like Ashton." Alison shouted as she pointed at Luke and trying to keep her balance. The words coming out of her mouth was something she'd instantly regret once she'd sober up and how weak she'd feel after kicking off about the smallest thing; it normally took her a lot to kick off.

She waited for Luke to say something but it ended up as a staring contest which Alison lost since she couldn't bare being in the same room as him at the moment. She muttered to herself as she shook the door that didn't budge, "you're meant to unlock the door." Luke bit the inside of his cheek to try and keep the laughter in.

Alison huffed and threw the door open before disappearing into the crowed and leaving Luke puzzled to what the fuck had just happened. 
Alison walked around the whole house to try and find at least one person to go home with but no one was in her sight, she ended up beginning to walk home alone. Her drunken mind was going back and forth to how warm her bed will be, how much food she could stuff in her face and the couple of minutes she spent with Luke actually bonding.

She began to hear her name being called in the distance by a voice similar to Luke's but ignored it thinking that it was her drunken mind playing games with her. She focused her attention on her phone to try get her mind off Luke since she thought she was getting so obsessed that she heard his voice in her head.

Alison's arm was suddenly pulled back making her phone drop to the floor, her eyes widened and a gasp escaped from her mouth. Alison faced whoever wanted to harm her and held her fist up ready to punch the person until she realized who it was.

"You frightened me then." Alison placed her hand on her heart as she sighed of relief seeing Ivy in front of her,

"Luke tried to call you back but you were ignoring him so he found me, you should of messaged me, anything could of happened to you." Ivy picked up Alison's phone and handed it to her, "All I want to know is why I heard people talk about you and Luke hiding in one of the rooms alone." Ivy raised one of her eyebrows whilst Alison groaned.

"I got too drunk and he found me, we talked and I got offended and stormed out the house" Alison laughed at the fact she thought she could have a normal conversation with Luke; she should have known better that their friendship is toxic.

"That seems legit. Anyway I'm thinking we stay at mine because I'm not walking any longer." They stopped outside Ivy's house until Alison decided, "I'll drive you home tomorrow, text your mum and don't stress about it." Alison agreed and stayed over.


Alison groaned as she woke up with a throbbing migraine and a dry mouth, She turned over to see Ivy already awake and sat up with a cup of hot chocolate in her and as she scrolled through her phone. 
Alison sat up and began to rip the fake lashes she forgot to take off and placed it on the bedside table and took her phone  to see multiple amount of notifications, one that stood out was a message from Ashton, explaining how he turned up and he could get in.

A smile began to appear on her face as she read more of the texts, "Ivy he asked me out on a date." Alison squealed at the text she received and shown it to Ivy,

"How about we go watch a movie" Ivy read out loud and also squealed with Alison,

"Ivy you don't understand how excited I am, he seems so lovely and he'll take my mind off Luke." Alison admitted,

"Wait what? You have feelings for Luke now?" Ivy placed her cup of hot chocolate on the side and turned her body to face Alison and give Alison her full attention.

"Fine. I like Luke okay. I don't know why that's a surprise because I think most girls think he's kinda attractive." Alison admitted making Ivy raise her eyebrows in surprise.

"Alison, you wanted revenge a couple of days ago." Ivy laughed, she couldn't take this new information in, she kinda figured it out that Alison liked him but hearing her admit it, was overwhelming. 

Sorry it's short but I'm too busy and every time I start writing on this chapter I get really bored because I've been on this chapter for like 20 years. Anyways did anyone think that it would be Luke grabbing her arm? I was gonna pick him but then I was like na everyone would think that.

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