Truths l.h au.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde


5. 05.

So I said that this is about Luke and Alison's past, just wanted to say that before anyone gets confused about it.

Young Alison waited patiently while her mother fixed her ponytail and smoothed her red and white poker dot dress. Alison's mother wanted her daughter to make a good impression in her new school. Her parents had trouble with money which made them move to the area, it was near an estate which was full of rich kids spending their money on pointless things. The school was also full of rich kids and Alison had to pretend like she was part of them. 

Alison rubbed her cheek in case her mother's lipstick was printed on her face and started to run towards the other kids that were apparently in her year. She kicked the gravel pretending she was occupied since she was new and the rest of the kids already made friends. "You like Pokemon too?" Alison looked to her lunch box which had a few of her favourite characters on and looked up to see a boy with blond gelled hair looking at her. "Yes." She confidently said. "My names Luke" He smiled and held out his hands "Alison" She smiled and shook it. 

Their friendship grew - Alison always visited his house every Saturday were his mother would take them both to get ice cream and to play in the park. They shared secrets to which this day they haven't told a soul. Luke never went to Alison's house because she was too scared as to what Luke would say to her since her house was no way near as grand as his house. Luke figured it out as they both grew up and hinted that he wasn't bothered about how much money people had. Once she had finally spoke up about it they had movie days at hers since he liked how cozy her small bedroom was. 

Their friendship was a strange one also, whenever they had school discos they always went together and they even shared their first kiss together. You'd expect them to be the type of relationship that'd be together forever but their friendship stopped once they hit high school. Luke began to make excuses to why he couldn't turn up to hers on Friday nights to watch movies until they passed out on her bed. She began to realize that every Friday he held a party and because he was rich he spent his money to entertain the guests, he began to get well known for his wild parties.

One day Luke awkwardly asked Alison to start coming to the parties he held and maybe they could be friends again but Alison refused since she didn't want to be forgotten and to be humiliated with his lies. Luke wanted to be friends again and would try his best getting her to notice him like causing murder with her friends - after losing contact in Luke she made new friends like Lou and Ivy. First on Luke's list was Ivy.

Luke knew Ivy was clever so it would be a lot easier to start off with her before Lou. His plan for Ivy wasn't as good as the ones he had made for the other girls as this was his first time of trying to get attention from Alison. His plan was simple; try make Ivy fail her classes. He was in most of them as they were both extremely clever and it wasn't hard trying to earn her trust. He persuaded her to do joint assignments and purposely writing down equations wrong. He obviously changed his to the correct after and when the assignments were done and he was getting A* and Ivy getting F's. Ivy was upset and Alison knew it would have been something to do with Luke since his child hood life was full of him laughing at other kid's unfortunate moments which Alison didn't understand how she stuck around because of them.

The first thing she did was confront him at his locker just like how she would in the future with the other stupid plans he'll try and get Alison to talk to him and may be friends again. "What did you do that for?" Alison angrily slammed his locker shut, she was a lot angrier as it all built up inside of her ever since he left her. "Its the only way for you to talk to me" Luke smirked making Alison even more frustrated. "Never will we be friends." Luke's hand moved to hers but she took a few steps back, he would never forgive himself for ruining the friendship; she never cared about how much money he had not like his friends now, he also had feelings for her and still does. "Fine. I'll just make your friends live in hell." before Alison could speak Luke's friends came and blocked her view. She was jealous of his new friends since he was fun to be around and how they now took her role.

The latest argument they had was about Joe, she wasn't bothered about what happened she was just jealous of Lou and how she was able to befriend Luke again and not her, she had also needed to get her anger out on someone. 

The gossip spread about that night and having her two friends who love gossip, it would be hard not to hear about it. 

She saw the blond boy searching in his locker and she didn't hesitate to slam the locker making it hit his head. She bit her lip from laughing as she remembers the whole excuse of arguing with him. 

"what the hell?" Luke groan as he closed the locker to see who did it, he rolled his eyes seeing Alison with a raging look. 

"You punched him, left him alone outside while he was still drunk?" Alison punched him a couple of times on the his chest until Luke grabbed her wrists. 

"I know Lou took my diary and I also know you are all friends again." Luke shrugged, 

"Are you serious right now? Joe had nothing to do with it." Alison didn't care about who was watching because Luke was looking like a dick and people could finally see it. 

They both stared at each other waiting for one of them to speak. Someone coughed bringing Alison back into reality, she looked away and ripped her wrists out of his grip. She couldn't help but feel her heart skipping beats from just him looking into his eyes. 

"I guess I'll see you next time you'll fuck up." Alison spoke sternly as she avoided his eyes. 


It's only short because it was just about the past but Alison likes Luke so this is a sign omg.

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