Truths l.h au.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde


4. 04.

Luke and Lou arrived to a smaller house compared to theirs; it didn't have the Cinderella stairs and glass stained windows they both had. Luke held Lou's hand and walked through the crowed. Lou followed behind, embarrassed to see people whispering and pointing at them both. "Ignore them Lou." Luke rubbed his thumb over her knuckles to try and comfort her as they walked through the sweaty teenagers. She didn't want to be embarrassingly dumped again even though they weren't together they both gave off the impression that they were. Lou swore she saw a glance of the boy she was speaking to for months; rumours went around that he was finally going to ask her out but that would quickly change when the guy finds out about her and Luke.

Luke took them both up stairs were less people were, "Stay here while I go talk to Michael, don't talk to any boys." Luke told her in a serious tone, She crossed her arms and huffed; it was her favourite thing when boys came up to her giving the attention she needed. "I'm serious." Luke looked back at her until he turned a corner to go back downstairs and leaving her unsupervised. 

She moved from the spot Luke demanded her to be and walked towards the stair case. She peered down and watched Jay - the guy she was speaking to. Jealousy took over her when he danced with girls and whispered in their ears. She couldn't cope with another heartbreak. She looked over to Luke who was searching for Michael, he ignored every girl who tried to get the chance to get his attention which was strange because he also loved the attention. She cursed at herself for even thinking that he could possibly like her. 'He's only doing this because you're friends.' Her plan was going horribly wrong so far, she needed to get her act together and remind herself what he's done to her and her friends. She knew the plan would end up with her liking Luke again, she's never stopped liking him. She grew this anger to cover up her love. She had to hide it from her friends; she was doing this for them.

She checked her phone to see a few text messages and missed phone calls from the rest of the girls asking if she was alright, she ignored them and put her phone away when Luke came back. 

"Everything okay?" He asked as he put something in the back of his pocket and giving her a big grin. 

"Yeah why? and what's up with you?" she crossed her arms again to stop Luke from holding her hand. "I got what I wanted and about the guy you were speaking to." Lou stopped in her tracks with her mouth hung open, 

"What did you do to him?" she gasped and punched Luke's arm - she hated when Luke took care of her troubles, it always ended up even worse. Like the time when Lou wanted to join the Biology club - for some odd reason. She got denied on the spot and when she told Luke within an hour she was head of biology club and the boy who was the head before transferred to a different school.

"I got Michael to spike his drink and when he passes out they're gonna tie him naked to a tree outside school." She rubbed her templates and Luke laughed thinking his plan was hilarious but she was honestly speechless. 

"My mum's gonna get worried." Lou pulled away and walked ahead of Luke. He held an evil smirk across his face, he gave a thumbs up to Michael who gave one nod and carried out his actions. Luke maybe left a few more things out of his plan.




"Is there something on my face or are rumours going around about me" Lou looked around paranoid from everyone in school looking at her in a different way than they normally do. 

"I've heard nothing yet." Iris spoke before biting into her apple. The group sat down in the library so that no one like Luke and his friends would see them together but there was no sign of Alison which also worried the girls because she was normally the first to wait at the couches for the rest of them. 

"I seen her in History" Ivy broke the silence and they all looked up at her confused. "Alison, I saw her in History just before." Lou opened her mouth to speak but closed it quickly; she wanted to talk about her feelings for Luke but she didn't want to ruin the plan for the rest of the girls made. 

They all went into their own little conversations with each other until Alison finally sat next to them. It all fell silent as they waited for the reason why she ignored all their calls and texts. "I was sorting a few things out but I don't think I need to explain myself as much as Lou here needs to explain that party she went to." Alison spoke with a hint of disgust. 

Lou nearly spat her water out in surprise to how Alison to her. "Excuse me?" Lou raised her eyebrows and Alison scoffed. 

"What the fuck did you do to my cousin Jay? He went to hospital and when I asked. I mean. When I heard the rumours about you getting a little too touchy with Luke. He spiked his drink because you agreed to it." Alison was filled with fury. 

"I don't think it's a place to speak about this." Lou said through gritted teeth; Alison wasn't close to Jay at all and had sworn that if Lou ever got in an argument with him Alison would always pick her side but this involved Luke. 

"Really because everyone knows about it." Ivy took the drink from Alison's grip before the drink would spill. 

"Are you forgetting what Luke is like? He lies about everything." Lou whispered, Alison rolled her eyes and sat back. 

"Bullshit. Why did he spike him? Jay had nothing to do with Luke. We all know Jay was cheating on you but that's got nothing to do with Luke." They all looked up to Jay walking past with a black eye. Guilt hit Lou but the feeling was blocked when she thought of how Alison knew about the story. 

"Wait. How did you know? You must have been talking to Luke to know." Lou raised an eyebrow with a smile on her face, She knew Alison's past which no one really knew about apart from Ivy. 

"No. I-I spoke to Jay" Alison stammered; she wasn't the best in lying but when no one caught her out she let out a sigh in relief.


After school Lou made her way to Luke's place for answers. She forced a smile when Mrs Hemmings answered the door. They talked for awhile since every time Lou tried to leave his mother would find another excuse to keep talking. "Lou?" Luke was dressed in his slobs which was a change since whenever guests were over he was always dressed to impress. 

"I need to speak to you" She smiled at him to give off the impression that everything was fine between them both so there wasn't going to be a therapy session that his mother held for them both like last time. 

"Okay, Sure come up stairs." Luke frown and pointed the way. They were both half way up the stairs but Lou couldn't hold in the anger which was building up in seconds. 

"What have you been telling people? Alison came up to me and started arguing with me thinking it's my fault about Jay." She angrily whispered to him. 

"Don't worry about her, She'll come around, She always does." He muttered. Lou turned around with her mouth wide.

"You're speaking to her again?" Luke itched the back of his neck 

"There's a party of Friday it's fancy dress." Lou laughed at the stupidity, never did she think Luke would be that nervous but she felt a hint of jealousy.

They both walked into his room which looked like a bombs hit it. "I'm getting a headache what happened." She started to pick things up and placing them in the right places. 

"Well I was trying to find my diary and finding a few things for someone." Luke sounded uncomfortable which indicated that it was most probably Alison. Lou hid her face as she cleaned up so her facial expressions wouldn't give anything away

"What's happening between you two?" Lou questioned to quickly change the subject,

"Nothing, she tried to make amends but I didn't want that." he quickly spoke making her roll her eyes and started to carry on tidying his room, 

"Why?" Lou asked, in hope he'd open up and say,

"Don't want to hurt her" Luke shrugged it off like it was no big deal, "I'm just going the toilet but my friends are coming in a few minutes, are you staying or going?" Luke asked,

"I'll get going once you're back" Lou stood up and grabbed her back as Luke walked out the door, She waited until his footsteps disappeared and quickly rummaged into her bag and took out his diary and placed it under his bed.


"Luke said he doesn't want to hurt Alison" They were all staying at Ivy's house for the night since her mother was out of town on a job. "He was also finding a few things for someone." She glanced at Alison who looked uncomfortable. "What's wrong Ali you've acted strange for the past few days." Lou asked, 

"I don't like people calling me Ali and it's just family problems" Alison shrugged and grabbed a handful of popcorn from Ivy's bowl. 

"How's Jay?" Iris asked making Lou roll her eyes, 

"He's fine, Luke's a dick I guess." she lightly laughed and taking another handful making Ivy complain.

A movie was playing in the background which only Evelyn was watching since the girls was talking about boys and she wasn't interested. "Luke's is fancy dress this week, I was thinking of going as playboy bunnies." Lou insisted, Ivy laughed and Iris smiled at the idea. 

"Are you serious. I don't think my poor mum recovered from last years outfits." Evelyn explained which Ivy agreed too. 

"What about superheros and villians, That's a lot cooler" The rest of the girls liked Alison's idea except for Iris. 

"Fine but I'm going as wonder women because she's the only one I know." The rest of the night was making plans of how they were going to style their hair and make up.


This was kinda a filler and how it was pretty short because I normally aim for 2000-3000 but anyway I know you all know nothing about Luke and Alison and the next chapter is the reason for that, I don't know if anyone is confused to I'll break a few things down for you that has happened in the past. 

- Lou and Luke dated, Lou hates Luke because he supposedly has a sex tape,

- Luke and Iris was a thing at one point but Luke led her on then dropped her 

- Alison and Luke obviously were friends in the past, both also liked each other but Alison has stopped from what he has done but obviously things change ;)

Also I hope you all understand that the main character is Alison and it's a twisted story about how Luke and Alison get together even with a bad past, I just wanted  to make a story that builds up to them getting together because I feel like every fan fiction I read is that the main characters get together within the first chapter, not dissing like it's their choice but I just love the massive build up.

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