Truths l.h au.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde


3. 03.

Alison had piles of clothing scattered around her bedroom and an exhausted Evelyn and Iris lying on her bed in silence after having a mini debate about something irrelevant. "Hello? I asked you guys to come round to help me pick out something to wear to impress this Ashton" Alison crossed her arms and looked around the messy room in distress.

She seeked help them both with what clothes to wear and if she didn't look too over dressed or too under dressed but both girls were in their own little bubble that they completely forgot the main priority.

"I brought an outfit just in case you didn't know what to wear" Evelyn sat up and fixed her hair before she took out one of her favourite outfits she liked to wear and passed the neatly piled clothes to Alison, "You're such an angel" Alison praised and began to take off her clothes making Evelyn awkwardly cover her eyes.

"I feel bad for walking out yesterday but I really couldn't be bothered with discussing a plan which wouldn't work but this new plan is bound to work" Iris said whilst she looked at herself in the mirror and pinched her 'flab.'

"Iris why do you hate him?" Evelyn timidly asked, it had been on her mind for awhile now and there was a few possible reasons she thought of. 

"We were friends with benefits for awhile and he started to act more loving to me and so I started to get feelings for him" Iris glanced at Alison while she spoke since Alison was the one who tried to stop her from even speaking to Luke because she knew what his aim was but Iris didn't care, she was sleeping with one of the most popular guys in town.

"What do you think?" Alison checked herself in the mirror and Iris shrugged making her nervous, "do I look bad?" She asked and looked at Iris who didn't look enthusiastic and then back at Evelyn who gave a thumbs up for approval.

"You look like an old women." Iris admitted which Evelyn reacted with a frown and her mouth open wide in shock, 

"I do not wear old women clothes." Evelyn spoke in her stern tone. 

"You even sound like an old women" Iris joked but Evelyn still took it to heart and ignored Iris for a good 5 minutes even though she was itching to respond to Iris' science questions.

"Do you want to wear my outfit?" Iris asked and Evelyn snorted, 

"No offence Iris but I'm not that confident to wear shorts so short you can see my ass and a crop top that if I stretch just a little bit he'll have a good view of my boobs." Alison decided to stick with a black velvet short pencil skirt and a floral black crop top she had crumbled up on the floor and rushed to her bath room since she now only had an hour to get ready and Iris still hadn't done her hair and make up.

Iris was pleased with the curly hair and how perfect the make up was done, Alison reminded her every few minutes not to go over the top as she 'wasn't fake like the rest of the town.' Both girls went to meet Lou after they were done and Alison waited nervously for Ivy and her friends to knock on the  her door.

"You look so fit." Ivy admitted and her friend Aaron nodded in agreement which Ivy wasn't too pleased with. 

Once arriving at the party Alison started to regret this plan after seeing the state of the front house, there was beer cans scatted all over the garden and a couch that started to have vines growing over it. 

"It is always like this?" Alison asked Ivy is a hushed tone so her other friends wouldn't get offended if they knew the guy or also lived in that state,

"No, the guy bought this place just so he could have parties and not have to clean it up after," Ivy laughed at her stupidity but it was an easy mistake since Alison has seen houses like this on her road but obviously Ivy hasn't and is used to big houses with swimming pools, tennis courts and other stereotypical things that comes with being mega rich.

"Wanna go find Ashton then?" Aaron asked both the girls, Alison frowned at Ivy since she couldn't keep her mouth shut,

"Don't worry. Aaron doesn't like Luke either and he's good mates with Ashton so this plan will work perfectly." Ivy reassured Alison once again. 

The small group worked their way into the house, Alison was getting sick of having to step over the amount of people sitting down in the corridors and chilling. The smell was also getting to her, it was a mix of weed, sick and teenagers with bad BO. 

"Aaron!" someone called from the side of the rooms, Aaron took a few steps back and looked into that room to find Ashton on a sofa with his arm round a blond girl with tattoos covering her thighs and forearm. 

"What's up? Thought you'd be outside" Aaron sat on the other couches, Ivy nudged Alison to do the same. 

"There's already people throwing up outside and I can't deal with that" Ashton laughed whilst shaking his head, 

Alison couldn't understand why Ashton was a threat to Luke, he was on the other side of town so Luke would never see him and he doesn't seem the type to go to all the parties Luke would go to, they were completely opposite but then again Ashton was so hot in Alison's mind.

"Well you know Ivy from other parties but this is Alison, you both will get along nicely since you both hate Luke" 

Ashton sat up now intrigued with the conversation, the girl sat next to him crossed her arms and began to give dirty looks at Alison. 

Aaron looked to Alison finish his sentence because he had already forgotten half the plan as it was too confusing, 

"Go on..." Ashton egged Alison on to speak,

Alison cleared her voice, she was nervous since she didn't know Ashton so she wouldn't know how he'd react to the plan. "Well apparently he likes me but he's hiding it and just to annoy him we want to pretend that we are speaking to each other to get him pissed off." 

"Yeah I'm in, anything to piss him off even the slightest." Ashton smiled, Alison heart melted just a little bit as she goes crazy for dimples.

Alison and Ivy went home earlier than they usually do at parties since it wasn't their scene and they were too excited to meet back with the girls and tell them the news.




Meanwhile Lou was currently starting her plan to befriend Luke since it didn't work with Alison so Iris and Evelyn waited at Lou's house in case anything happens.

"Are you sure you girls don't want to come with us?" Miss Spring asked Iris and Evelyn,

"You're okay, the family still holds a grudge on mine." Iris laughed and Miss Spring joined.

"It's been years since it happened I don't think they have time to argue." Lou came in the living room holding a few nicely decorated cup cakes in her hand and also dressed elegantly just like her mother.

"Mum are you ready?" Lou asked agitated; she wanted this over and done with.

"Sorry honey." Miss Spring smoothed her skirt and followed Lou behind.

"What changed your mind on coming here?" Miss Spring asked with one eyebrow raised.

"I think I left something here and I haven't seen the family in awhile..." Lou's mum knew about Luke and her daughter once dating, She knew nothing about why they broke up but if she knew she wouldn't of begged Lou to get back with him. Miss spring rang the bell and nudged Lou to smile.

"Lisa! Lou!" Mrs Hemmings sang and pulled Lou into a massive embrace. "It's been forever darling, come straight through" Lou scanned the place until she met eye contact with Luke who was standing on the stairs with Mark.

"Luke come on down your girlfriends here!" Lou's smile dropped and hearing Luke laugh made her blood boil.

Luke sat close to Lou with his hand on her leg and whispered in her ear, "I knew you'd come back after yesterday" Lou's skin crawled and she pushed Luke's hand away.

"Luke come and find this thing I left in your room" Luke followed Lou to his room, both mothers grinned at each other. As soon as the teenagers went into the room Luke pushed her against the wall. "I'm not stupid." Luke growled in Lou's ear and then stepping back from her.

Lou looked at him confused, "What? I've been thinking we should be close again, not boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Are you missing how popular you were? That group of friends you were with weren't helping." Lou clenched her teeth to hide her anger,

"You used to know so many secrets about every girl in our school and now you know nothing. You have less power" Luke raised both eyebrows and sat on his bed, intrigued with what Lou was saying. "You've got more enemies than friends, more people aren't scared to confront you..." Lou trailed on and Luke started to think it through.

"Fine but fuck up and I've got that tape still but first with those secrets, tell me something interesting about Alison." Lou's heart sank, she knew so much about Alison and by telling a big secret to him could ruin everything.

"Haven't you seen those photos on Facebook? She was seen with Ashon," she bit her lip whilst Luke stood up, anger clearly shown in his face.

"You're lying." Luke's phone began to ring and Lou thanked The Lord she believed in for getting out of that situation.

"what's up" Luke quickly began to be interested in the conversation with his friend.

Lou started to look around his room, he had random ornimants he had picked up from places all around the world that he had been to, his collection had gotten extremely bigger than the last time she stepped foot in his room. "Is it alright if I bring a girl with me?" Lou turned to look at him shaking her head and mouthing no angrily, "yeah? thanks mate." She let out a massive grown which entertained him.

"Well you're very welcome." Luke stood up and took his top off that quick Lou didn't realise she was still looking at him until he grinned at her. "I'm getting in the shower, I'll text you the time to meet."

"I don't have your number." Lou crossed her arms and shown her sassy side.

"But I've got yours," Luke winked as his dimples shown, she felt like she was defeated, she didn't wanna go to this pointless party and she couldn't stand the feeling of being the weak one and being intimidated by the guy she wished she could forget but with his famous last name made it a lot harder.


"So how did it go?" Iris thrown the magazine down and stood up to greet Lou in the kitchen.

"Fine. I found this little thing. No big deal." Lou passed the diary to Iris and Evelyn which they instantly gasped.

"Are you serious, who even has a diary these days? imagine if he finds out. You're dead." Iris started to read the diary, "June 23rd, Lou that was yesterdays date and it's talking about his party he had. You're so fucked." Lou acted like she was calm but inside she was shitting herself.

"I'm going out with him tonight I'll just put it back, Take pictures of each page and we can all read different sections and come back if we hit gold with a secret." Lou checked herself in the mirror and then turned to both of the girls. "Why are you stressing, It'll be fine, either way we will know a lot of secrets about him so he will make a deal with us to not leak the video and not spread the secrets." Iris shrugged and reached in her bag to get her phone while Lou text the rest of the girls.

"What video?" Evelyn asked, 

"Iris you tell her, I'll inform the girls, it's too embarrassing for me to hear" Lou covered one ear with her hand as she phoned Alison,

"Basically Lou wasn't always 'miss popular' she was far from it. She was in a friendship group with me and Ivy, she was bullied quite a bit by Luke's friends. The next year she had a complete makeover. Everyone all of a sudden wanted to be friends with her. For awhile me and Ivy lost contact with her but we wasn't bothered; she wasn't getting bullied and she was happy. Luke started to flirt with her until they finally got together, they were the 'Northwood sweethearts.' They were like the perfect couple people thought until one day her so called 'friend' went behind her back and slept with Luke. Lou confronted him about it all but he threatened her with a sex tape he apparently has but no one believes him but to be safe alone just went along until he broke up with her since he didn't want to be known as the one who got dumped by Lou so he broke up with her basically in front of the whole school." Evelyn imagined Lou heart broken as she stood there speechless with tears running down her face, it was already embarrassing for her to confront Luke whilst everyone was around interested in their business and to dumb her in front of them all. He was pure evil and he needed a lesson.  

"I really can't be bothered with this party, I know I'll be stuck to Luke's side and be known as his 'girl" Lou aggressively brushed her hair as Iris entertained herself by reading a few pages.

"He's even cheated with one of his best friends girlfriend?" Evelyn said in disbelieve, Lou span around on her heel with a confused look.

"Wait what?" Lou read out the lines Evelyn pointed to

"That night was eventful; lets hope Michael doesn't know about me and his girlfriend hooking up" The girls looked at each other with a huge grin.

"Write interesting things down on this." Lou rummaged through her kitchen draws until she found a pen and notepad.

All the girls looked at each other as they heard a knock on the door, "Yous need to hide" Lou pointed at them both, Evelyn and Iris ran to hide in the other room as Lou walked slow to the door in hope they'll be out of sight in case  Luke comes in. 

"Sooner we get there the sooner we can go." Lou strutted past Luke and along her path, Luke wolf whistled and followed behind.

"Damn sometimes I miss you" Luke dug his hands in his black skinny jeans and jokingly nudged Lou with his elbow

"Best friends don't do that." Lou casually looked into the mirror to check herself out as she walked. 

"We're walking?" she bluntly asked and Luke chuckled.

"It's a two minute walk besides we can catch up."  Lou cringed at the thought of even bonding with him.


// a.n //

So I fitted the reasons why Iris and Lou hated Luke, hope you enjoy, btw if you do enjoy please like this story, it'll help me out a lot x

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