Truths l.h au.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde


2. 02.

It was now the early morning and everyone was heading home with a extreme headache. Already party pictures was all over social networking sites especially the picture of Luke and Lou 'flirting.' The party host was passed out in his bath tub with no shirt on and things sharpied all over his body. One what Iris proudly offensively wrote across his forehead.

The group of girls all walked out together, laughing at a few of their favourite memories together, it felt like everything was back to normal and all those unsolved issues had been swept under the carpet. 

"Missed me girlies?" Lou strutted along the girls as they walked out of the entrance to Lukes home. "I changed my mind after I couldn't help but find out what Luke and his clan was up to, turns out they already know Alison is back and Luke looks really took back by it."

Alison frowned as she looked at Lou who was smiling, proud of her finding. "I was in there for two seconds and made sure no one saw me."

"Well obviously you did a shït job didn't you" Iris joked, "You were part of Luke's hit list, he's going to have people keep tabs on you in case you're back."

"Yeah, well anyway you should of seen his face, first time in ages I saw emotion in his face other than anger, it was strange like he looked sad." Everyone seemed confused part from Alison, her heart throbbed. She would rather hear that he hated her after what happened 9 months ago so it would make it so much easier for Alison to go with that plan and not fall through the plan.

Lou looked behind her to see if there were anyone around to hear what she was about to say, "So I'm thinking we use Alison to play with Luke, make him weak."

"Brilliant." Ivy confessed, which made Lou's smile even bigger. "Would you do that Alison?"

Alison was on the fence, she couldn't face seeing Luke in a vulnerable state again, it made her feel like she was the bad guy in that situation but the way Luke treats other people; her own friends, he needed to be stopped.


"Good. The plan starts with you befriending him. Get any information you can. Starting tonight, go to his house make up with him." Lou told Alison, she began to get nervous, this means everything that happened the last time Alison was alone with Luke could reoccur. 




Alison sat on the edge of her bed looking down at the message she was about to send Luke which asked if he was busy and if they could sort things out.

She couldn't help but think back to that night Luke and Alison argued; the noticeable vains on the sides of Luke's head, his bloody knuckles after punching his walls and then helpless Alison burying her head into one of his pillows as she felt like she endlessly cried. Was all of that worth leaving town, leaving him?

Within seconds she got a message back from him, 'Yeah sure, Cal is over at the moment but I'll kick him out.' She let out a sigh of relief, she would of felt embarrassed if Luke either ignored her or sent her a nasty text back.

Once she got to his house she didn't know whether to walk in like she had used to or knock, before she could decide the door opened with Luke giving her a weak smile.

"Hi." she awkwardly greeted him, she stepped in and followed Luke to the living room, it was strange to be in his house whilst it was quite and there was no reckless teenagers around.

Luke sat opposite Alison and still had nothing to say, "I'm sorry for leaving and hurting you." Alison didn't need to put on an act on to try and befriend Luke once again. She knew Luke more than anyone. She knew he had feelings and behind the mask there was an actual generous nice guy, he had an obsession to be like his siblings and be as popular as them, even if he had to put on the nasty act.

"You think you hurt me? I wish you're still gone." Luke disgustedly said,Alison shot her head up, confused.

"Are you joking? you were crying! You were begging for me to be with you!" Alison was in disbelief that Luke was lie to her face about that memorable night.

Luke laughed, "It was all a show, I wanted to make you stay so I could fuck up your life even more. You were and are nothing to me Alison Grey. The only thing I enjoy that involves you is putting your life in mystery. You know where the door is and there's tissues on the side." Luke took the whisky glass from the side and downed the rest.

Alison hoped to find some kind of emotion in his face or body language since actions speak louder than words but there was nothing. The old Luke she loved had gone.

"You loved me. You fell out with your parents because they wouldn't allow you to be with a 'poor little girl' like me. You were the one who fucked everything up, do you think finding out what you've done to my friends behind my back would make me love you more?" Alison spoke through her teeth, she could tell Luke was taken back by it by how his eyes widened and became glossier as he watched the girl he still secretly loves heart broke into pieces right in front of him.

He cleared his throat before hurting her even more, "I never loved you, you were just another girl to add to the list of girls I've fücked. If you don't mind I have to get ready for a dinner date with a wealthy women my mum set me up with"

Alison stood up and quickly made her way out of Luke's home, she began to call Ivy, hoping she'd pick up.

"Hello? Alison?" Ivy asked concerned as she heard unusual sounds which came from Alison's sniffing and crying.

"I've failed, he doesn't want to be friends again." She mumbled, the plan was already fücked before they could even start.

"Give him time, do you want to come round and watch a movie? Your choice" Ivy asked,

"I think he's done with me, he's not even being him self with me and sure I'll come round, see you later." Alison sighed as she put the phone down and looked at herself on the camera of her phone and began to rub the smudges of back around her eyes.


It was the next morning and Alison still felt like shït, she knew Luke could be the devil in disguise but never would she thought he'd turn on her after all these years of being friends.

Ivy and Alison met the rest of the girls in Lou's house, it was opposite Luke's and was a little bit smaller than his which slightly agitated Lou since she wanted to be the richest kid in town.

"Please tell me the plan worked." Lou lay on her front along the rest of the girls on her bed,

"Last night ended up me bawling my eyes out." Alison said,

"How did that happen? I saw his face. He wanted to go and find you but one of his friends stopped him" annoyance was clearly shown in Lou's face whilst she flung her arms everywhere,

"He denied everything." Her heart throbbed again, as much as she began to hate him and how he treated her like crap, she couldn't help but still feel love towards him.

"We need a new plan" Iris told the rest of the girls, they all say there in silence before Lou smiled,

"Right what if I worked my way through befriending him, like my mum always goes round to his house to have a 'family' night with them all ever since my dad left her. I'll just start turning up with her like I used to" Lou was confident with this plan, she had also been close with Luke and knew how to work her way through to befriending him once again.

"Then what? Is our plan just to make Luke madly in love with Alison once again? It happened we've seen him act his worst for the first five months she left, then he moved on." Iris stood up from the bed and grabbed her bag, "I feel like I'm just wasting my time, call me when you actually come up with a good plan." Iris made her way to the door,

"Wait what if Alison had a 'thing' with that guy Luke despises" Evelyn mumbled but clear enough for them all to hear,

"That's amazing. The Halloween party is this Friday and wear an outfit that shows a lot off, Luke drunk will find it hard not to talk to her, after flirting make him see you with that Ashton he'll be so pïssed off" everyone agreed to Ivy's plan,

"Ashton hates Luke and Luke hates Ashton, this plan will work so good, once we've got under his skin he'll most probably use me again so it'll annoy you, when that happens I'll soon find a lot about him but he doesn't know we are all friends again right?" Lou asked, 

"Not that I know of but how are we going to meet Ashton, he lives on the edge of town and is never around this parts?" Alison doubted this plan would work since Luke was always weary,

"I'm invited to this party tomorrow on the edge of town, my friends are friends of Ashton's so no doubt he will be there and I'll get them to introduce you to him, this plan will work." Ivy shown Alison the facebook invite for some kind of proof, 

"I'll come but just promise me you'll be by my side at all times?" Alison asked Ivy, The edge of town wasn't as safe as to were her and her friends lived, even though Alison didn't live in the grande fancy houses her friends lived in that was sectioned off with big gates and high security systems, Alison did live like her friends until her father was caught cheating with Lou's mother which was one of the reasons why they were enemies for awhile since Luke found out and thought to cause murder between them both.  

"You'll never be out of my sight." Ivy reassured her. 


// a.n //

I'm sorry this chapter is really shit and I'm working on how to put the reasons for all the girls hating Luke, least you know one reason why Alison and Lou didn't get on at one point :) 

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