Truths l.h au.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” - Oscar Wilde


1. 01.

Just when the sun was going down kids parked their cars and headed to the fancy Mansion Luke Hemmings parent's owned. His parents were of course away but they knew quite well Luke was having his usual Friday night party. No doubt it'll have a little article and how it disturbed the entire street but it had never stopped him. The Hemmings family were well known by their spectacular parties.

Mr and Mrs Hemmings were away most of the time doing business, leaving the three siblings to do whatever they wanted. Everyone wanted a family like theirs. Both Luke's parents were in love with each other from a young age and they had three perfect children; Cece who is the eldest and only girl they had. She had A* all the way through school, there was rumours she had something going on with the young maths teacher that every girl he taught sat in awe but that was just another rumour spread by jealous teens wanted to get rid of competition. Next there's Mark. He's the second oldest, He had straight A's throughout school, he was amazing at all sports and with his nicely toned body, he had girls falling for him.

Both Cece and Mark were shown as down to earth people and would 'never' looked down on people but used their 'fame' for goodness with charity work; just like their parents.

Then there is Luke, unlike Cece and Mark he wasn't fake everyone knew he was good at black mailing and was threatening, he had his bad days then his worst days, he was one of those guys that girls wanted to date because they thought they could change him.

You either loved him or despised him.

No one dared to bitch about him behind his back because somehow he would find out and there would be consequences.

Luke was still brilliant at sports and the other side of education just like his siblings but he tend to have the reputation of a player - he enjoyed ruining other relationships and friendshipsa and especially messing with girls hearts, He didn't care. No one would ever face up to him.

He's had plenty of wild rumours spread across the school but he didn't care because it made him seem more 'mysterious.'

There were defiantly a few haters of Luke who weren't afraid of him, so they lead on.


Ivy was the last to get out the car which was full of her friends, she hated the place but she couldn't stand not missing out on the fun. Aaron placed his arm round her shoulder and he laughed as Ivy gave a couple of girls, who worn a small about of coverage, dirty looks as they walked ahead; he knew her little 'secret' and he admitted he wasn't a big fan of Luke either. 
Aaron was one of Ivy's best friends, obviously Ivy wanted more than friends but she knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon if Kelly was in the picture. Kelly was another person in the small group who were jokingly known as the 'hipsters of Northwood High.'

"I'm actually excited for this one, apparently his house has been decorated with Halloween items already and hired people to jump out and scare you!" Kelly grabbed Aaron's other arm and cuddled it which annoyed Ivy.

"Isn't it a bit too soon for Halloween?" Ivy questioned Kelly whilst taking a strawberry lollypop from one of the girls dressed as slutty cats that were hired to stand outside Luke's house with a bowel of sweets.

"It's literally next Friday" Kelly emphasised and hoped to convince Ivy for once that this party will be amazing.

"This is so overrated." Ivy muttered whilst she let go of Aaron's arm and stormed into the crowd of people she really didn't want to see this evening.

Ivy brushed passed Lou, both looked at each other for a few seconds until they reminded themselves that their friendship was in the past and should be left that way.

"What was that about?" One of Lou's 'friends' asked,

"What? I looked to see what poor bitch nudged me." Lou stated, her friend rolled her eyes knowing that was clearly a lie.

Lou stood looking her finest with her two 'friends' whom both were called Hannah; they were both very good at finding out information for Lou and that was the reason for their use.

They all stood eyeing everyone out in their matched autumn colour schemed outfits, every girl was jealous of Lou because she made it look easy to be 'perfect' but they didn't know the manipulated ways she had to keep that persona.

She gave her signature smile when girls complemented her new hairstyle which some girls had already copied. She started the trends just like Luke. She was basically a girl version of him but he was more powerful. You'd think they were made for each other but even in the same room Lou would find away to throw a drink over his head.

"Look what the cat drag in" Luke's voice was like poison to her. Her insides shriveled up when she heard the thick Australian accent all the girls went weak for.

"Oh please go fuck yourself." Only Lou's vulgar side was shown when she was around Luke.

"You're forgetting why you're actually 'miss popular.' where's my thank you?" Lou was disgusted with herself with what she got herself into with Luke in the past.

"Don't forget-" He got closer to Lou and her breathing hitched. "- I've got that video pretty princess." He kissed her forehead, she pushed him away before he could do anything else.

He took a few steps back as he held a smirk that Lou would gladly smack but she felt frozen and vulnerable as he looked deep into her eyes like he's just unraveled Lou's dirtiest and darkest secret.


Alison looked up to the grand house she spent half her childhood at, she felt she was glued on to the ground since she couldn't bring herself to walk into the house. It had been 1 year and 9 months since she was slamming the front door of Luke's parents house and shouting up at Luke who was peering down from his window also angry.

All she wanted to do that night was to fix her broken friendship before she was leaving the small town with her family, she didn't think she'd be returning to hell though. 


Iris was lent on the wall smiling towards the guy and knowing full well what he wanted from her, she loved the attention just like Lou but she was a lot meaner. She used all the guys she 'dated,' for example, she was currently dating the head teachers son of the best local college so she could be accepted next year, she had also one time had a thing with her science teacher because she was getting low grades.

Just like Lou and the rest of these girls she also despised Luke near the same amount. No one knew the reason but both Luke and Iris kept their distance away from each other but tonight Luke felt rebellious.

Luke lent on the door frame as he watched the poor attempt of flirting from the guy, she tried to ignore the fact he was next to her but the small chuckles coming his way whenever the guy in front of her said something and this was starting to agitate her.

"What happened to that little rule we had?" Iris pushed her self off the wall and began to walk away before Luke grabbed her forearm with a strong grip and pulled her close to him, near enough for him to whisper in her ear just like he did with Lou.

"I kind of realised that the blackmail you had on me kinda doesn't work anymore because my dad's best friend is now the head of the police department; I'll be let off quite easily with a warning." Iris felt vulnerable at that moment just like Lou did also, Luke had always found a way to stop anything bad happening to him and now that he's unstoppable means he can easily tell the big secret Iris had been hiding for awhile now.

Iris tried to stay calm by taking a deep breath but it didn't stop her eyes from getting watery.

"Did I scare you? I'm sorry." Luke smirked and let go of her and began to casually walk away whilst giving a high five to some student he didn't recognise.

"Iris?" Alison called in confusion as she saw her old friend staring blankly in thin air as tears trailed down her face.

"He'll ruin me." Was all she could say before breaking down, Alison was still confused but took Iris in for a hug.

Alison felt relieved seeing Ivy alone walking into the same room as them.

"Ivy can you get the other two please?" Alison asked her and it took time for it to register in Ivy's brain as its been awhile since they all hung out together.

It took awhile but all girls were in one room, Lou sat awkwardly as she looked around the room and Evelyn hadn't even spoken since she step foot in the room.

"We really need to do something." Alison finally broke the awkward silence, it had been awhile since they all talked after the massive row they had because of Luke.

"What though? karma will bite us in the ass." Ivy spoke, Evelyn frowned at the stupid belief.

"Shut up, there's no such thing as karma." Lou laughed at the stupidity making Ivy angrier and remembering why they both never got along.

"Could you not right now?" Alison shouted over the two girls who were bickering.

"What are we here for? Luke is virtually unstoppable so what's the point?" Lou asked,

"And thanks for the call about you leaving, we all looked stupid whilst Luke told us and tried to make a fool of us all." Ivy threw her hands up in the air dramatically, Alison looked around the room to see all of her old friends finally agreeing with each other.

"I think we should all get a long first, it seemed that our friendship is a threat to Luke." Evelyn said in a quite tone but enough for at least Iris to hear who was sat next to her. 

"I had no choice my mum made me go live with my auntie in the for 9 months because I felt shit about everything that happened and needed a break." Alison explained as she looked around the room in hope they'd accept her excuse.

"I don't think we should be blaming Luke for our arguments when the reason for it all was because we kept many secrets, I bet Iris won't even tell us what hers and Luke's little thing was about." Lou gave Iris a dirty look until Iris looked up from her hands.

"Fine. Luke walked in on me while me and my P.E teacher was doing something in the changing rooms at break, if anyone finds out I'll be suspended again and my mum will kick me out." Iris confessed,

Lou was highly amused, "We all knew that you had a thing going on, everyone noticed the little smirk you made when you bent over next to him whilst you bit your lip."

"Least we weren't as stupid as being lead on by the biggest well known player there is in school." Iris defensively shot back, the thing she had with the P.E teacher was real so she thought until she found he had a wife with a child on the way.

"You are all being so pathetic." Evelyn finally spoke up, her cheeks turned rosy red and pushed her glasses up once she realised what she had done and her heart raced whilst she waited for one of them to bite at her.

"All off us together, being friends again is a massive threat to Luke." Evelyn repeated herself, more confident than last time.

"Our friendship was toxic" Lou stood up and smoothed her skirt to get rid of the creases "All I want is to have no hassle from anyone, it's causing wrinkles on my face."

"There's the exit Lou, who else is going then?" Iris moved away from the door and crossed her arms as she looked at all of the girls.

"See you girls later." Lou stepped over the girls and flicked her hair back whilst she opened the door.

It was playing on Lou's mind how she missed the old days with her real friends and not the boring Hannah's she uses. The only thing stopping her was the fact Luke can easily leak the video if the girls plans fuck up.

She glanced around the living room to find someone she knew who was nearly as popular as her she could talk to until her eyes was fixed on two of Luke's close friends looked around as they both went into one of the rooms.

She instantly knew something was sketchy happening and she hated the fact she had to know.

She knew the house off by heart from when she used to go round to Luke's house and that the toilet next to the room also has a door connecting to the room the two guys were in.

She had also tried her best to look casual as she looked around to see if anyone was looking and proceeded on her mini mission.

All she could hear was mumbles and it didn't help with the loud music either, she opened the door ever so slightly and peaked through to see that Luke was also joining the two.

"You're kidding me." Luke said as he stood up from the sofa and began to walk to the door, it was the first time in ages Lou saw concern in Luke's face.

One of Luke's friend stood in front of him, "what are you going to do? Do you think everything's gonna be alright?" His friend asked Luke. Luke took a step back as he looked at his friends hand on his chest and back at his friend giving him a sign to move his hand otherwise he'll lash out.

"Are you sure?" Luke asked,

"I'm positive it was Alison."

A devilish smile grew on her face as she closed the door slowly, there was so many plans going through her mind that would help her get that stupid tape.


It may seem hard to get into but it'll all come clearer on how all the girls hate him and I've already chosen what the characters will look:

Alison Gray - Lily Collins

Lou Spring - Carlson young

Evelyn Walker - Emily Rudd

Iris Jones - Barbara Palvin

Ivy Peters- Holland Roden

You can think of other characters who would fit in their role and if you do please comment the names and who they fit so far I'd be interested to see. And every so often I will drop in a flash back from the girls past so you'll know a bit more about their story but I'm not doing it all together because then I feel it's less interesting through out the fanfic. I hope people will enjoy this and if you do please leave a comment, vote and also share it with other people it'll help me out :) thank you x

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