College Fantasy

"Carter" I turned to find him starting at me , that beautiful face, the same face that had me moaning his name the night before. How could I have possibly thought that one night would be more than enough. One night and my body already reacts to his voice. One night will Never be enough!
_________________________________________________________________________________ 16 & older ONLY


11. one night


"Dre please" 

"I know baby, god you taste so damn good" he breathes against my core pushing me closer to the edge. I'm not gonna last very long at this rate. He circles his tongue once,twice oh god i can't take it. Just as I'm heading over the edge I feel his finger enter me and I'm lost into an orgasm, legs shaking as I scream his name .


​Finally coming down from cloud 9 i see him pacing back and forth his bond strained against his jeans and he looks ......angry?

"What's wro-"

"When were you gonna tell me"confused I look into his eyes for a sign but their stone cold

"Tell you what?"

"That you're a damn virgin Carter for fucks sake!!"




​I look at him puzzled for a moment letting his words sink becoming angry that he had a problem with me being a virgin assuming that he probably fucked every girl in this school!

"So what if I am It's none of your business!"

"How could it possibly be none of my business? You were about to let me fuck you into oblivion, and you dare to say it's none of my business!"

Feeling aggravated by his stupidity and sexual frustrated I explode 

"Why does it fucking matter to you anyway, whether I'm a virgin or not ! You ask for One night and now what? You're backing out cause you can't handle it?"


As soon as I am done I automatically regret it , He has this lustful look in his eyes and scares me and some how turns me on at the same time.

Walking toward me licking his lips leaving no space between us bring his mouth to my ear 

"I know I can handle it, but can you?" 

"Why don't we see and find out" My voice is seductive it's every been, what was he doing to me? I have never been this intent on having a guy in my life,

"You don't know what you're asking for Princess"

"Enlighten me then" 


Within seconds I am pinned against the wall with hands over my head his mouth latches on to mine and I'm tangled into a passionate kiss. Licking my bottom lip asking for permission, I open my mouth without hesitation and his tongue explores me, feeling his member against my stomach only makes me purr in pleasure. God he made me so crazy! Wrapping my legs around him pulling him painfully close. He growls as I bite his lip

"Who knew Little miss princess could be so naughty" he murmur between kisses


"I'll show you naughty" is all I say before unwrapping my legs around him pushing back until we reach the bed giving one last shove as he falls on the bed. Crawling on top of him leaving trains of kisses done his abdomen until i get to his pants, teasingly slow I undo the buckle pulling his pants down for enough to set his member free. Gasping as I see the thickness and length of it, how will this ever fit into me? But my concern soon vanishes and my hunger layers on thick and I can't wait anymore I need to taste him. 


Slowing licking the pre cum for the head I pull in the entire head just to pull out making a pop sound with my mouth, He moans as i take more and more into my mouth until I can feel him in the back of my throat until he can't go any farther. Pulling him all the way out just to start all over again. Quickly picking up the past bouncing my head up and down making sure he hits the back of my throat every time , his moans egging me on. I can feel him twitch in my mouth but i don't want him to come just yet, taking him all the way to the cliff just to look over the edge but never quite getting there, I pull away. 


Dre's POV~


"Oh fuck Carter" 

pulling her into a kiss as i flip us over rushingly not being able to stand the urge to hold out any longer, I wanted he first time to be different I mean she was different. Not like any other girl I had ever met, she was innocent. Her little performance was unexpected. As they always say, the most innocent ones have the dirtiest minds.


​Rubbing my member slowly against her core made her cry out and i loved it, that voice was so damn sexy 


"Dre stop teasing" she pleaded 

"You're wish is my command Princess"

slowing entering her, only and inch at time so not to hurt her, letting her adjust to the thickness  feeling her tense her body I tell her to relax . God she was so tight , practically suffocating my cock with her sweet cunt. remaining painfully still as she adjusted. she start to wiggle and tried to get me to move which was my cue that she was ready. slowing pulling out and pushing in until i can start to move freely without much difficultly, 



Carter's POV


"Uhh god Dre harder" I scream as he drives into me relentlessly cause me to claw at his back , the pleasure was undeniable and untamed, wild with passion like nothing i have ever experienced before. Feeling my self reaching my peak I meet his thrusts with just as much force making me quicken with the need to release. "Uhh Dre......I'm g-gonna ..........CUM!" I shoat as my orgasm takes over, still pumping into me sending me into another one throwing my head back screaming his name as I find my release his soon following. 


Breathless and exhausted i smille at him as he runs his hands through my hair and running his finger along my nipple and he circles them making them harden instantly. Feeling his cock against my stomach a giggle and face him "Round two already?" 


He smirks while flicking my nipple in his mouth "Oh baby by the time I'm through with you , You won't be able to walk straight for a month" 


playfully teasing him "What only a month? I'm sure Mr. sex god can do better then that!"  


"Sex god huh," giving that beautiful smile his eyes darken with lust " Okay , but you asked for it"


​Pulling me down to his chest I start to giggle and he kisses me fiercely only breaking apart to latch on to my nipple pulling relentless making my cry out while he massages the other one, making his way to my already weeping core. Plunging two finger inside me making me arch my back as I hold his head to my nipple. He growls and I feel him harden against my thigh

"always so wet" he states pumping into me harder

"uhh dre please!"



The ringing of a phone wakes me up, not realizing where I was starting to panic until I feel the warmth of body beside me. Looking into the face of the beautiful man that had recently had me screaming his name. A phone starts ringing again and i recognize the ringtone, It's Blank Space by Taylor Swift, Why would Dre have a ringto-, I mentally face calm my face duhh Carter It's yours, trying to reach my pants remembering i had it in my pocket earlier but once I try to get up Dre's arms tightens around my waist. The action makes my heart swell but i try not to dwell on it. Finally grabbing my phone and answering without checking who it is I say a quiet hello 


"HAVE YOU FUCKED YET?" I hear Skylar scream through the phone 


"shh skylar geez what time it is?"


"3 am why?"


"Why are you calling me at 3 am Sky?"


​"Well you didn't come back to the dorm so I assumed you were getting thoroughly hows it going? is he good in bed? Does he have a big cock? Tell me all!"


"You know for someone who's gay you sure are interested in him" I saying having a knowing smile 


"Bitch please I'm a Pussy loving girl , I just want to know if Mr. Sex God lives up to his reputation"


"He exceeds his reputation Sky, He was amazing" I blush as i remember every round we went, from sweet love making to rough passionate sex.


"Deffinatly rememberable that's for sure" is all I say Before saying my goodnights to Sky and telling her that I'm on my way back to the dorm. Of  course she insisted that I stay with Drake. But I just couldn't take waking up to him in the morning, having that awkward moment when he just pushes me aside cause he got what he came for. Plus i refuse to do the walk of shame for everyone to see. 


Cautiously slipping out of his hold, I get dress and scribble down a note putting it on his nightstand next his bed, Taking on last look at his sleeping figure, even sleeping he looked hot. kissing his lips savoring the softness before dragging myself out the door. I regret leaving but I knew it was for the best. I had to protect my heart at all costs even from the person i wanted the most.



"thanks for making my One Night everything, xoxo C."




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