College Fantasy

"Carter" I turned to find him starting at me , that beautiful face, the same face that had me moaning his name the night before. How could I have possibly thought that one night would be more than enough. One night and my body already reacts to his voice. One night will Never be enough!
_________________________________________________________________________________ 16 & older ONLY


1. introduction

 My name is Carter Watson, and guessing by the title you should know that this is not a Cinderella story. To be honest I don't know what kind of story this is but then again I can say the same thing about my life, because I'm just a boring girl from Iowa. When I say that this is not a Cinderella story I truly mean it, I don't bump into the hottest guy at school and we don't look into each others eyes and fall instantly in love, I don't get asked to the dance by someone way out of my league. Nor do I fall in love with someone I can't have hoping one day he'll notice me,then comes to find out he loved me all this time.


    I'm just Carter, I'm the girl that got good grades and finished High School with a GPA of 3.9. I'm the girl that got an academic scholarship to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles ). I'm the girl everybody walks past and doesn't even notice, I'm that girl!

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