College Fantasy

"Carter" I turned to find him starting at me , that beautiful face, the same face that had me moaning his name the night before. How could I have possibly thought that one night would be more than enough. One night and my body already reacts to his voice. One night will Never be enough!
_________________________________________________________________________________ 16 & older ONLY


9. Carter's POV

beware graphic sexual content (read at your own risk)


I can't do this, I barley know this guy. This is no who I am, I don't do this, with this kind of guy. I'm not stupid I know what he wants, he's only gonna leave me heart broken and that's the last thing I need right now. And what about Ryan, I can't do this to him even if he is across the country probably hooking up with alot of girls. I just can't but god do I want to, What is he doing to me? I'm a good girl i'm a boring girl, I'm Carter 

"I'm sorry,but I can't" I say without even trying to hide the emotion in my voice. He looks up at me bewildered for a moment and then anger flashes across his eyes "sorry I need to go" I murmur before and start to walk away. I want him to stop me but I know that I'd be better off if he didn't. Just before I get to the elevator door I'm pulled into a kiss, as soon as my lips touch his I fall under his spell. I don't need to see his face to know who is; his hand find there way to my ass and begin to squeeze while the other pulls me in close by my neck. I'm trapped in his hold and I don't feel threatened or forced, our bodies fall in sync and I'm utterly paralyzed while my lower region sings in glory. Before I can react he pulls away , but out bodies are still connected, he looks into my eyes searching for something but I can't tell what. "Why won't you let me in?" he whispers so low that I can barley hear him "I'm scared" is all I say before I pull our bodies apart which  I immediately regret because my skin burned with desire from where his hands were 

He tilts his head to the side and says "One night" 


"One night thats all I'm asking for, we both know what I want and I know what you need, So why not have one night, One night to show you how you should be treated, how that body should be worshiped. To take you on an adventure I know you'll love , let me show you" He reaches out his hand and I stare are him bewildered, I don't know if it's his blunt honesty or the fact that he's asking for one night. No stings no commitment just one night. Can I handle this? he must sense my hesitation because he starts to speak again "What do you have to lose Carter? I know you want this just as much as I do" Before I can thing back, I place my hand in his and he gives me that beautiful smile.


Walking into his dorm I remember The day we first met and automatically had a smile on my face but the smile soon disappears once nerves start to set in. Maybe I made a mistake coming here. "Don't be nervous baby" he strokes my cheek and I relax a little. "Nice dorm" , wow Carter really could you get any weirder who starts a conversation like that "Yeah it's alright I guess", oh great now I've bored him , his smile pulls me out of my thought "what" I say laughing softly "You're face gives you away, every emotion you feel , you're face and eyes give you away" he say while walking toward me with a smirk "is that a bad thing?" I ask feeling a little self cautious "no,no not at all it's actually refreshing" he say pulling me into a kiss. I love the way our bodies fit into each other like we were made just to be this close, nothing separating us but the clothes we wear. "I need you, now" It slips out of my mouth before i can stop it. Did I really just say that? It didn't sound like me at all! He smiles with lustful eyes "I know"


He pulled back and start to plant kisses down my neck. I try my best to suppress a moan , as he pulls of my shirt I suddenly feel shy , starting to hide my body, mine doesn't even come close to his 

"You're beautiful ,don't hide it , especially not from someone who wants to worship every inch of it" he winks at me and removes his shirt.  giving me a little push I land on the bed and he soon is on top of me , running my hands down his body I feel my lower region aching for his touch . Our kisses are filled with so much power and desire that I can't get enough, finally he pulls back to catch his breath while I fumble with his belt I need him and I need him now. he catches my hand and I look up at him confused "No rush baby , I've got you all night" 


"shhh I wanna taste you first, But trust me you'll get that later" He says as he disappears from my view and I feel a tug on my pants. oh god this is really gonna happen theres no turning back now. Once my pants and panties are off he spreads my legs staring at my recently shaved kitty. "god you're beautiful" is all I hear before I feel his mouth on my center. immediately grabbing the sheets. His talented tongue lord knows was made for sin slide through my folds making me arch my back moaning loudly "Dre please" 

"I know baby, god you taste so damn good" he breathes against my core pushing me closer to the edge. I'm not gonna last very long at this rate. He circles his tongue once,twice oh god I can't take it. Just as I'm headed over the edge I feel his finger enter me and I'm lost into an orgasm legs shaking as I scream his name. 


​Finally coming down from cloud 9 I see him pacing back and forth this boner strained against his jean and he looks ......angry? 

"What's wro-"

"When were you gonna tell me" confused I look into his eyes for a sign but their stone cold 

"Tell you what?"

"That you're a damn virgin Carter for fucks sake!"


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