College Fantasy

"Carter" I turned to find him starting at me , that beautiful face, the same face that had me moaning his name the night before. How could I have possibly thought that one night would be more than enough. One night and my body already reacts to his voice. One night will Never be enough!
_________________________________________________________________________________ 16 & older ONLY


7. Carter's POV

      "Shit" is all I hear when I rise out of bed, I'm looking at Sky and she is running around looking for her other boot. " Have you seen my boot" she asks, I just shake my head and lay back down. "CARTER WATSON GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP, WERE LATE FOR CLASS" she screams in my ear, I swing my arm hoping it would hit her but she catches it instead "I don't have any classes on Friday Sky now leave me alone" I mummer sleepy

"One. it's not Friday it's Thursday and Two ....YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE NOW GET UP!!" she starts to pull my covers off me and hits me with a pillow "I'M UP, DAMN IT" I yell frustrated at her and me for waking up late. Holy shit my professor is gonna bury me alive for being late and it's the second time this week. Last time I had a dirty dream and over slept 


"Uhh Dre I can't take it please" I beg and plead with him but he won't ease up. "All in good time baby" he whispers by my ear which sends a chill down my back. "Baby pleeeaassseee" I say frustrated and horny as hell but he won't move he just hovers around my sweet spot with his dick not entering but teasing the hell out of me. "So Impatient" he says with a seductive tone "we'll have to do something about that"

  That's all I hear Before he slams into me making me moan so loud I dont even recognize my own voice. He thrust his hips in a circular motion and I'm at the point of no return. He is gonna break me in half, I try to hold on, I claw his back and try to squeeze my legs shut he must notice what I'm trying to do because he pins my arm above my head and opens my legs wider to the point where I am completely vulnerable and in his control. "No one can say you now, Sweet Carter" I breath his name in response "God you're so tight" he says against my neck. He really starts to move and it is 10x more intense now that he's holding me down and I can't hold back anymore 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End OF Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   "Carter.....hello Carter are you there" someone snaps their fingers in front of my face and draws me back to reality "Do you not care that Professor Reed is gonna tear you to shreds for being late a second time to her class" Sky says with an attitude. 

  "I'm sorry just remember something and got distracted" I flush. 

I brush my teeth, brush my hair throw on the first thing I see quickly and am out of the door in 5 minutes racing to class. Running as fast as I can, I run head first into someone and all my books, papers and phone goes flying along with their things as well. "Watch where you're going will ya!" They say in an angry tone " I am so sorry I was in a hurry to get to class I'm really late." I say with as much sincerely as I can while collecting my thing into a pile in my hand. He stands and hold out a hand to help me up, I take it without looking up to see who it was, mudder a thank you and am off racing to class again praying Professor Reed is in a good mood today.

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