College Fantasy

"Carter" I turned to find him starting at me , that beautiful face, the same face that had me moaning his name the night before. How could I have possibly thought that one night would be more than enough. One night and my body already reacts to his voice. One night will Never be enough!
_________________________________________________________________________________ 16 & older ONLY


2. Bye Iowa

"I'm gonna miss my baby" say my mom as she hugs me with tears in her eyes."Mom I haven't been a baby in forever and you know it, I'm gonna miss you too, I promise to call as soon as I get settled into my dorm." 

"okay baby I'm so sorry your dad couldn't be here I know he's hurt he couldn't see his pooh off to college."

Pooh is what my dad has been calling me since I was a little girl, He got it from Winnie the Pooh because i was a chubby baby with a huge round head. "I know mom tell him I love him, But I have to go my plane Leaves In 45 minutes and you know how bad going through security is." I hug her and kiss her goodbye along with my brother and sister, who are each older  than me by a couple of years. 

 I don't want to see my mother cry so I walk away. When I get in the airport I find the strength to turn around and when I do I see my mom crying in my brothers arms. I understand why she's so emotional I'm the baby of the family and also the first one out of the house, It must be hard to see your child leave the state where you can no longer protect them.



   The plane is relatively large and they have tv's on the back of the seat which I find really cool. This is my first time flying on a Delta plane but I'm extra excited. The Plane is about to take off when I text my "Friend/Boyfriend/ex-Boyfriend" Ryan (it's a very complicated relationship ) *plane about to take off, will call when I land..... I'll miss you Ryan ;)love Carter.* 

Ryan has been apart of my life since the 6th grade we dated on and off for a while but finally called a quits and now were just super good friends I'll always love Ryan but he was never my prince charming. More like my opening to the My concert.

A lady comes by and tells me i need to turn my phone off for take off, I smile kindly at her and turn it off. I close my eye and try to get some rest; the flight is three hours long anyway and I have nothing else to do.

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