College Fantasy

"Carter" I turned to find him starting at me , that beautiful face, the same face that had me moaning his name the night before. How could I have possibly thought that one night would be more than enough. One night and my body already reacts to his voice. One night will Never be enough!
_________________________________________________________________________________ 16 & older ONLY


4. Beautiful Goddess

"What's your name sweetheart?"

 I try to recall my name as all the blood leaves my face, I stutter a bit but finally manage, "C-Carter, Carter Watson"

  Still watching me carefully he reaches out his hand, I slowly take and give it a soft shake "Nice to meet you Carter,Carter Watson, I'm Drake Harlem but everyone calls me Dre. You can call me Dre if you like." He has a sincere smile that reaches his eyes but theres also something else there, Lust? Agony? Emotion? Or maybe it's nothing at all, maybe I just want something to be there. I realize that I'm staring and quickly look at the ground "Nice to meet you too" I mutter under my breath hoping he didn't notice my staring. "I would love to stay and get to know you better Carter but I have plans with a couple of my friends" 

"Uh.. of course I'm so sorry I should really go and try to find my dorm" I say trying to hide my disappointment but failing miserably. "You said your dorm was in 4A right?" he asks "Yeah," "Well you're standing in building 3A, you're the next building over" he says with a smile on his face, like the thought of me being so close makes him happy. And the thought of him being happy makes me happy. Wait what am I saying I barely know this man and by the looks of him he is probably 3 years older than me. And I have never dated someone that much older than me.

   "Thank you" I say as I turn towards the door to walk out. I get down the hall when I hear someone call my name "CARTER!!, hey Carter" I turn to see who it is, and standing there is the beautiful goddess himself. "Hey Carter I was wondering If you would like to go with me to hang out with a couple of buddies of mine?"

   The way he says my name makes something deep down inside me purr with excitement, I wanted so badly to say yes, that I'd do anything with him but I held myself back. I need to focus on school I'm on a scholarship so my grades need to be damn near perfect. I can't have any distractions plus what are the chances that he, of all people would actually be interested in me? "Uh...I would love to but I should really get settled into my dorm and everything, I have a lot to do so maybe some other time?" I say while looks at the ground trying not to make eye contact. "Okay well I guess I'll see you around Carter,Carter Watson" he says with a mocking smile on his face.


   I turn to go but he grabs my hand, I feel electricity run through my body and lands in between my legs "Don't get lost into another boys room okay?" The way he says it I can't tell if he's joking for really doesn't want me in another boys room, I nod my head and focus on some abstract poster on the wall. He releases my hand and starts walking back to his room.I try my best not to run for the hills screaming HE TOUCHED ME, HE REALLY TOUCHED ME. "I'm so glad I got lost" I say under my breath while heading to building 4A.

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