14 and preganant

Aliza Mitchell is 13 she lives in Miami Florida. She was dating the most popular guy in school. Luke hemmings but when Aliza finds out she is pregnant right when luke finds out his band is going on tour. Aliza has to choose if she should tell him or let him go.


1. the test

14 year old Aliza Mitchell goes to Brooklyn park high school.

She lives in Miami Florida with her mom Nora Mitchell and her step dad Steve Mitchell.

Steve hates Aliza and he makes sure that her life is miserable.

Aliza's mom had her when she was 16.

Aliza has a boyfriend named luke hemmings

Luke is 15 and in the band 5 seconds of summer.

Aliza has been feeling kinda sick for the last few days

She thought it was just a bug until she started puking

She got nervous and thought back to the night she lost her virginity to luke.

She then remembered that luke didn't use a condom.

She got really nervous and decided to go and get a pregnancy test after school that day

When she got home she snuck into the bathroom and took the test

A few minutes after taking the test she read it and it said....

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