You Again

Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves.
(btw, the cover art is not mine, I found it on google images. I have no idea who it belongs to.)


10. Chapter 9

~~"And now, please welcome to the stage, The Bad little Boys!" announced the owner of the club from the stage. I was in the back of the club watching as Marshall's band walked on stage. Marshall never told me he had a band but I found out from Laura. That little shit wasn't getting away with keeping this a secret. I came here to surprise him after the gig.5

"How's everybody doing tonight?" Marshall said into the microphone. The crowd clapped and whooped. The Bad Little Boys had quite an audience. Marshall wouldn't have been able to keep his dirty little secret for long.

"Hey, have they started yet?" Marceline asked, sitting next to me.

"No, they just got onstage. They're called The Bad Little Boys." I replied.

"Oh my god. I need to have a talk with Marshall about his band naming skills." she moaned.

"So are Laura and Flo not coming?" I asked.

"Nah, Flo got caught making out with Finn and her dad grounded her. And Laura has a fuck ton of homework to do." Marcy told me.

"Aw. That sucks. Maybe we can get Marshall to give us a private concert some day." I suggested.

"Yeah, maybe. I'm just pissed that they have to miss the look on his face when he finds out we're here." Marcy pouted.

"I think you'll get over it." I said pointing to Marshall. "Looks like they're finally about to start"

Marshal's band started playing a slow song and Marshall sang with emotion and passion. I knew he could sing but I didn't know he was this good. With the lights, and fans cheering for him, he looked at home on that stage. I started swaying to the music.

Marshall played a few more songs before he thanked the crowd and walked off. I ran to the stage entrance and waited for him while Marcy joined the rest of the club goers on the dance floor. It seemed like hours before Marshall finally opened the door.

"Hey." I said, beaming up at him.

"Fionna? What are you doing here? How long were you here? How'd you know I was gonna be here?" He stammered.

I laughed. "Laura found out. She told me you were playing here today. So Marcy and I decided to surprise you." I explained.

"Wait. Marceline is here? Did she hear the name of the band?" he said.

"Yup. Haha. She's definitely gonna hold this against you." I teased.


We walked over to the soda bar and sat down.

"Why didn't you tell me you were in a band? And a pretty popular one by the looks of it." I asked.

"Well, it's kinda embarrassing. And I knew that if I told you you'd want to come and see me perform. I would've been too nervous." He explained.

"So I make you nervous?" I said with a smirk.

He sighed. "Yes."

I laughed, "Good."

"So what now? I'm guessing you're gonna want to come to my gigs and go backstage ond stuff." Marshall said.

"Yeah... but if it makes you uncomfortable I'll stay in the audience." I suggested.

He leaned down and kissed me. "Are you crazy? From now on you're gonna cheer for me from backstage at every gig. I wouldn't dream of having it any other way."

"You're such a dork." I said pulling him down by his flannel shirt and kissing him back.


A week later Finn and I were getting ready to go to one of Marshall's gigs.

"Do you think Flo's gonna like the concert?" Finn asked, walking into my room.

"I think so. Marshall's band is really good." I replied as I put on my white beanie. The weather was starting to get colder so I put on my blue jacket too.

"You're just saying that because he's you're boyfriend." Finn teased.

"No. Seriously, they've got talent!" I said, defending the Bad Little Boys.

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to trust you on this one. I'll wait for you in the car. Don't take too long."

"Alright." I said as Finn walked out I my room. He really needed to learn how to knock.

My phone chimed and I noticed a text from Marshall.

Marshall: Fionna, we need to talk.

Me: sure. Can't wait until the show. You guys are gonna be great!

Marshall: I don't wanna date you anymore.

Me: what

Me: Marshall?

Me: Marshall Lee Abadeer!

Me: fuck you and you're stupid band and your fucking ability to dump me over text.

Me: the next time you see me you're gonna be sorry.

I sat on my bed and shook with rage until Finn came into my room to see why I was taking so long. I gave him my phone. He read it and then pulled me in for a hug. I cried into his shoulder for about ten minutes before I told him to tell Flo we weren't going to Marshall's show. I meant what I said though, Monday at school, Marshall was gonna wish he never met me.


   Marshall's pov

      I couldn't believe Fionna missed my show. I couldn't even call her to ask what was wrong because I'd left my phone at home. That night I just went through the motions at the gig. My band asked me what was wrong but I couldn't tell them I was upset over my girlfriend not showing up. I'd never hear the end of it. I'd just have to wait 'til Monday to ask her in person.


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