You Again

Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves.
(btw, the cover art is not mine, I found it on google images. I have no idea who it belongs to.)


9. Chapter 8

~~News about me and Marshall officially dating spread fast. I'd told Flora bout what happened and on Monday the whole school was buzzing about "Fiolee".

"I knew it! I fucking knew it!" Laura exclaimed at lunch. "What'd I say? I said, and I quote, 'He's totally gonna be your boyfriend.' I was flipping right! I should charge people to witness my awesome psychic ability!"

"Laura, calm down. We all saw this coming." Marceline said.

"Did you really have to bum me out?" Laura said with a pout.

     I laughed. "Why am I the center of attention?" I asked" "Flo got a boyfriend too."

"Yeah, but Flo's boyfriend isn't the hottest boy in school." Laura said.

"I take offense to that! He's my twin!" I teased.

"Oops." she said. "Sorry."

"So, what I'm hearing is, Laura thinks I'm hot." Marshall said, appearing out of nowhere.

"Yes. I have no shame admitting it." she replied.

     Marshall sat himself down and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Are you ready for this stupid parent teacher conference thing?" he asked.

"I guess. My parents weren't really mad at me, but they were furious at Greg." I replied.

"I don't know if my dad was mad or not but he did seem pretty p9issed when I told him he had to miss work to come here." he said.

"Ugh! I still can't believe Ms. Bubblegum is even having this stupid conference I mean, we were all there. It was pretty obvious that it's not your fault." Marcy said.

"Thanks Marcy, but it's our word against her beloved nephew, her flesh and blood." Marshall explained.

"That's nepotism!" Flo said.

"I say the best plan is to just go through with this dumb thing and get it over with." I said.

"Yeah... I guess." Laura said.


     I sat on the bench outside the principal's office with Finn and Marshall on either side of me. My parents and Marshall's dad were in the office talking to Mr. Owl. Ms. Bubblegum and Greg sat on the bench opposite ours. They had already gone in and talked to Mr. O.

"Alright, Finn, Fionna, and Marshall Lee. You can tell me your side of the story." Mr. O said, poking his head out of his office.

     We marched in one after the other, and sat in three of the four chairs in front of Mr. Owl's desk.

"So, Fionna, you can go first." he said.

"Okay, um... Marshall and I were sitting down because we were both really tired from dancing and then Greg showed up and dragged me onto the dance floor. We danced for a bit and the he tried to grab my ass, I mean my rear end, three times." I explained. "So, in self-defense, I slapped him."

"Okay, Finn, your turn." Mr. Owl said.

"I saw Greg trying to be creepy to my sister." Finn said.

"Ms. Bubblegum tells me that you kicked that young man in the genitals." Mr. O replied.

"Well, I was really mad." Finn huffed.

"Okay now, Marshall?"

     Marshall basically repeated Finn's story.

"From what I'm hearing,"Mr. O. started, "Greg started this whole brew-ha-ha by being inappropriate with Fionna."

"Yes." Marshall, Finn and I responded.

"Okay, Mrs. Murton's could you please call Ms. Bubblegum and her nephew here?" Mr. O asked my mom. A few seconds later the room was packed with people.

"Greg, you need to apologize to Fionna. Marshall Lee and Finn need to apologize to Greg." Mr.O said. Everyone did as they were told and soon, we were out of there.


"So I wonder how that Greg kid is doing." Marshall said. Two weeks had passed since that parent teacher conference. We were at Marshall's house, in Marshall's room, on Marshall's bed (we didn't get too crazy if that what you're thinking about.) I was laying with my head on his stomach, staring at the ceiling while he played with my hair.

"Who gives a flying fuck?" I replied.

"Yeah. So, How're things with Flo and your brother?" he asked.

"They're okay, I guess. I already told him that if he hurts her I'm gonna shave his head while he sleeps." I said.

"Ouch. His luscious flowing mane?" Marshall teased. "Dude needs a haircut."

"Tell me about it."

"Speaking of which, so do you." he said. "I can barely see your butt with all of this in the way." he joked.

"Oh shut up you perv!" I laughed.

"Seriously, summer's gonna be here soon and I don't think hair up to your ass is gonna be fun."

"True. But my mom loves messing around with it. Like braiding it and stuff." I explained.

"Do you always do what your mommy wants, Good Little Girl?"

"No." I replied before pushing him off of the bed. Soon we were play-fighting on the floor.

"Ah! Fi- quit it!" Marshall yelled. I laughed.

"Say uncle!" I demanded.

"Never!" he declared, trying to push me off of him. We rolled around some more before I pinned him again.

"Okay! You win!" he said.

"Ha! Good!" I said. I gave him a kiss before letting him up.

"Am I interrupting something?" Mr. Abadeer said from the door.

"Hey Dad." Marshall said, turning slightly red.

"Fionna, I think it's time for you to go home." Mr. Abadeer said.

"Yes sir." I said before rushing out. I was almost out the door when I realized I left My hair-scarf in Marshall's room. I ran up to get it and heard Mr. Abadeer through the door.

"You should be studying son. Getting ready for college! Not going around and kissing whores!" he said. What an asshole!

"Don't you ever talk about Fionna like that again." I heard Marshall say.

"Open your eyes son! She's a distraction. With her and that noise you call music combined you'll never get anywhere in life!" Mr. Abadeer shouted.

     I decided to ask Marshall for my scarf later. I walked home feeling really shitty. I went up to my room and tried not to cry. Marshall texted me.

Marshall: Hey, sorry 'bout my dad.

Me: It's ok.

Marshall: BTW. When I was messing w/ your hair I took your scarf thing off & you left it here.

Me: Yeah. Could you bring it too school tomorrow?

Marshall: k. see ya then! <3

Me: You're such a dork!

Marshall: lol

     It really sucks when your boyfriend's dad hates you but at least Marshall's worth it.


Mr. Abadeer's POV

     Something had to be done about that Murton's girl. She was a huge distraction to my son. She simply had to go So I thought of a plan. When my son leaves his phone lying around (like he always does) I'll send that girl a text. She'll think she's been dumped and never speak to Marshall Lee again. *Insert evil laughter here*

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