You Again

Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves.
(btw, the cover art is not mine, I found it on google images. I have no idea who it belongs to.)


5. Chapter 4

~~  The next few days after Heath and I broke up were hell. Everywhere I went people tried to comfort me, but they only made it worse. Heath kept his distance. Every time I saw him he was with Celine. They always turned around when they saw me. Laura, Flo, and Marceline were great. They came over to my house on the weekends and we watched a butt-load of action movies. The more explosions the better. Marshall seemed to understand that, with what I was going through, the last thing I needed was for him to annoy me. So, he just obediently followed my instructions for the lab in Ms. Bubblegum's class. I could tell he was dying to be a creep or to make some comment that would anger me. I appreciated that he held his tongue. Eventually things went back to normal though. After a few weeks, Laura went back to fawning over Marshall, Heath stopped going out of his way to avoid me and vice versa, and soon I started noticing some unwanted attention from some guys.


"Don't forget to buy tickets for the spring ball!" announced an overly perky girl name Rachel. Laura, Marceline, Flora and I were just taking our seats in the cafeteria.

"Oh my gawd! Guys, I totally forgot! We need to go shopping for the ball!" Laura shrieked.

"Aw man! Do I have to go? I'd really just rather go in my jeans and a T-shirt." Marceline moaned.

"Come on, Marcy. It'll be funn!" Flo said.

"I'll only go if Fionna goes too." Marceline said.

"Why not," I said "I'm going stag, I might as well look nice."

"Come on, Fi! I was counting on you!" Marcy complained.

"Ha! It's settled then. Let's go today after school since everybody's free!" Laura said as she piled her purple streaked hair into a high ponytail.

"Hey Bunny! Did I hear you guys say you're going shopping today? Can I join you?" Marshall Lee said as he sat down.

"No I said just as Laura shouted "YES!" I rolled my eyes and got up to throw away my now empty tray.

"Hey Fionna, nice jeans!" said a guy as he passed me. I could tell he was staring at my ass. I noticed two guys staring at my boobs. I rushed back to my seat with my arm crossed over my chest. Ever since Heath and I broke up guys have been trying to hit on me all over the place. Even guys I'd never seen before. It's like they could sense that I single now.

"You okay, Fi?" Flo asked.

"Guys are pigs. I saw, like, three guys whose eyes weren't where they were supposed to be." I exclaimed.

"Can you blame them?" Marshall said with a wink.

"Oh, shut up!" Marceline said.

"Come on guys, let's get out of here." Flo suggested.


     Finn was trying out for the wrestling team so I got a ride from Marcy and I did my homework at her house. When I was done I sent a quick text to my mom letting her know where I'd be for the afternoon. 

"Hurry up, Marcy! We're supposed to meet Laura and Flo at the mall in twenty minutes." I said after I put my phone away.

"I'm on the last problem. Gimme a minute." she replied.

"Are you done yet?" I asked after a bit.

"Yes! Finally." she yelled triumphantly.

      We drove to the mall and started to walk in when some guys started cat-calling us.

"Hey Blondie! How you doing?" one called.

"How about you and me and your friend have some fun?" yelled his friend.

"They're probably lesbos!" shouted a third voice.  What a bunch of douches. Even if I was a lesbian, I wouldn't choose them either way.

"Whatever. Ignore them Fi." Marceline said. I could tell that that 'lesbos' comment bothered her. She got a lot of hate when she cam out a year ago.

"Yeah, let's just go." I said.

      We met Laura and Flora in the food-court and went straight to a dress shop. We tried on clothes all afternoon and eventually, we all found perfect dresses. Marcy found a short black one with a purple waistband, Flo bought one that matched her fiery hair, Laura got a sexy red dress that showed off her curves. I chose a white one with a pale pink ribbon around the waist. I normally wouldn't have chosen such a girly dress, but everyone insisted it was perfect.

"Oh geez! It's getting late. I should take this one home." Marceline said, gesturing to me.

"Okay, see ya on Monday." Flo said.

"Byyyyyeee!" sang Laura.

      On our way to Marceline's car in the parking lot, I was forcefully pulled aside between two massive trucks.

"Hey Blondie." I recognized the voice of one of the cat-callers from earlier. He looked me over hungrily. I tried to wriggle out of his grasp. I assumed the worse was going to happen. I was just pulling my leg back, ready to kick my attacker in the groin, when Marshall Lee appeared out of nowhere.

"Let her go." he said menacingly. Even I was scared of him.

      The pervert Pushed into Marshall's chest and hurried off with a scowl on his face.

:Oh my god,Fi! I turned around and you were gone!" Marceline exclaimed as she appeared. "What's going on?" she asked when she noticed I was in Marshall's arms. He'd taken a hold of me when I was pushed into him.

"You okay?" Marshall asked, ignoring Marceline.

"Yeah, I was read to kick him in the nuts." I said, but to be honest, I was really freaked out.

"Come on, Fionna." Marceline said.

      I filled her in on what happened in the car. We rode on in silence after. I kept thinking about how scary Marshall looked. Then I thought about how worried he looked when he held me close to him. He was so warm. I missed that warmth now.

      When I got home I decided not to tell Finn about what happened. He'd freak. I did tell Mom and she hugged me and tried to comfort me even though on the outside I was calm.

      In my room, as I tried to sleep, I thought about Marshall again. His worried eyes were permanently etched in my mind.

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