You Again

Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves.
(btw, the cover art is not mine, I found it on google images. I have no idea who it belongs to.)


4. Chapter 3

~~     I woke up late the next morning and rushed out the door without fixing my hair. I just put a white beanie over it. I did, however, manage to use a bit of eyeliner and mascara before Finn barged in and rushed me to his car.

     When I got to school I went to my locker like I do, except this time I was greeted by an unpleasant surprise: Marshall.

"Nice hat." he said.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Nothing much. Just your number."

"I have a boyfriend." I said.

"I don't believe you."

     Right at that moment, as if on cue, my boyfriend, Heath, walked up. The look on Marshall's face was priceless. I wish I'd had a camera.

"Hey Fi" said Heath, putting his arm around me.

"Hi" I replied with a smug look on my face.

"Who's this?" he asked.

"Just one of my classmates." I replied as we walked away, leaving Marshall staring at us open-mouthed.

"Should I be worried?" Heath asked.

"Nah. He's rude and arrogant. I'd never be interested in him."


     After homeroom, Heath walked me to my next class.

"Hey, I'm taking you out tonight." he said outside of my classroom.

"I can't. My mom said I couldn't go out this weekend, she wants me to go shopping with her." I replied.

"Oh come on! You see her all the time!" he said.

"I'm sorry, I already told her I'd go with her."

"Look, if you didn't want to hang out, you could've just said so."

"That's not it. I'd Lo-"

"Whatever." he said before storming away. What got him in such a bad mood!? I thought angrily. Lately, whatever I do, Heath always gets mad. I don't know What's gotten into him. He just always seems to be in a bad mood.

"Hey Fionna!" Laura said when I walked into class.

"Hi" I said, still angry.

"what's wrong?" Marceline asked.

"Nothing. I'm fine" I replied. "Where's flora?"

"She texted me this morning, she caught a cold." Laura replied. "She'll be fine. But guess what!"

"I don't know... What?" I said.

"New guy is in this class!" she whisper shouted.

"Gross." I said.

"What!?" Laura gasped.

"L,she told us last night. Apparently he's a douche." Marceline whispered.

"Are you ladies talking about me?" Marshall asked as he walked up. I didn't even realize he was in the room.

"No." Laura and Marceline said simultaneously. Then they wandered off to check their phones.

"What do you want?" I asked him when they were gone.

"I can't just come and say hi to my favorite bunny?" he replied.

     Right then Flora burst into the room.

"Fi! I gotta tell you something! Now!" she said, panting. Her red hair was everywhere and she was clutching a tissue.

"Flo, you shouldn't be here. You're sick!" I said.

"Forget that! you need to know!" she said.

"Fine. Just calm down. What happened?"

     She pulled me aside and, surprisingly, nobody followed.

"I hate being the one to tell you this, Fi. Heath is cheating on you..." she said cautiously.

"What?" I said. It was the only thing I could think of to say.

"I saw him making out with that girl,Celine." she explained.

"Are you sure it was him?" I asked with tears threatening to fall.

"Pretty sure. I don't know anybody else with a red mohawk." she replied.

"Oh," was all I was able to say. The tears were falling freely now. Laura and Marceline noticed I was upset and came to comfort me without question.

"Did you know?" I asked them.

"Flo texted us right before she told you." Marceline said.

"I wanted to tell you in person." she said.

"Okay class, sorry I'm late. Please take your seats" Ms. Bubblegum said as she walked in. Really bad timing Ms.B.

     I sat down and tried to hold back the tears. I failed. Ms. Bubblegum noticed.

"Fionna. If you want to, you can go out into the hall and try to calm down." she said when everybody was busy finding a partner for the lab.

"Thanks Ms. B." I walked out and sat on the floor and tried to breathe normally.

"Hey Fi!" I heard a somebody say. I looked up and saw Heath walking towards me in a sickeningly good mood. He must've perked up since the last time I saw him. I wonder why. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Go away" I mumbled.

"Why? Who pissed you off?" He said, suddenly acting all offended.

"YOU DID YOU FUCK! GO AWAY! GO FIND CELINE. I know, okay? A friend of mine saw you two. You don't have to keep it a goddamn secret anymore. Just do me a favor and never talk to me again!" I screamed.

"Fionna... I... I'm so sorry. I've been trying to get you to break up with me. I didn't have the heart to do it myself. I fell in love. I couldn't help it." he whispered.

"Just leave her alone." a voice said from behind me. I turned around and saw Marshall come out of the classroom.

"Fi, please. Can you forgive me?" Heath asked.

"I don't- know. I don't- think- I- ever- will." I said between sobs. Heath hung his head and walked away. I burst into tears.

"It'll be okay. It hurts now, but it gets better." Marshall said. He put his arms around me. I let him. and he let me cry into his chest for a long time.

     Eventually I had to go back to class and work with Marshall (he was the only one without a lab partner). I went through the rest of the day feeling numb. When Finn drove me home he didn't ask any questions. It was a very quiet car ride.

     When I got home and just lied in my room and stared at the ceiling. My phone kept chiming. I ignored it. My mom called me down for dinner. i ignored her too. After a while I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. I almost forgot why I was so upset. Then it all hit me.

     I started crying again. Marshall was right. It does hurt. A lot.

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