You Again

Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves.
(btw, the cover art is not mine, I found it on google images. I have no idea who it belongs to.)


3. Chapter 2

~~ When Finn and I got home our mom was already making dinner. I immediately recognized the smell of spaghetti coming from the kitchen. I sen a prayer of thanks to the dinner gods.

"Hey Fi! How was your day?" asked my dad as I walked into the kitchen.

"Same old, same old." I said like i always did.

"Cake, our daughter needs a life." he joked."

"I know, Jake. That's why I invited the new neighbors over for dinner!" mom announced cheerfully.

"Thanks mom!" I said sarcastically. I smiled to soften the joke.

"Okay, the food'll be ready soon. And you should be too, honey.The neighbors are gonna be here in a fifteen minutes."

"Alright. Lemme change. You're lucky I did my homework at school." I replied. I ran up to my room and changed into my favorite blue blouse. I decided my jeans still looked presentable. I left my blonde hair down but I took off the scarf and tucked my fringe behind my ear. There, I look like a girl whose neighbors come over for dinner.

"Yo, why are you all gussied up?" Finn asked when he walked into my room (without knocking, I might add)

"Mom invited some new people for dinner." I replied

"oh gross." he said.

"Why is that gross?"

"I have to wear an 'apprpriate' outfit"

"Just don't embarrass Mom and Dad and you should be fine"

"Okay, I'll go freshen up."

     Just as he said that, the doorbell rang.

"Oh well, Finn, looks like your current look is just gonna have to do." I said with a giggle.


     Finn and I walked down the stairs together and greeted a man in a suit.

"Nice to meet you Fionna, Finn. I'm Hunson Abadeer." I stopped mis handshake.

"I'm sorry did you say--"

"Oh hey! It's the bunny! Hey bunny! Where are your ears?" Marshall blurted when he arrived. Is he high? "Mashall Lee! Behave!" Mr. Abadeer snapped.

"Fine," he replied, acting sort of normal again, "Hello Ms, Murtons. I do apologize for my horrid behavior!" Marshall said in an extraordinarily exaggerated voice.

"Food's on the table!" Mom announced right on cue.

     We sat in the dining room and Marshall kept trying to get my attention while the adults talked. Finn and I took turns shooting hateful glares at him.

     When dinner was over the adults stayed in the dining room while Finn, Marshall, and I went to the game room and glared at each other.

"So... You're twin..." Marshall said awkwardly.

"Yes, We're really close." Finn said, acid dripping from his words.

"I've always fantasized about twins but this isn't what I had in mind." Marshall said.

"Pervert!." I accused!.

"Guilty as charged." he said with a crooked grin and a wink. Damn! He's attractive.


"You don't ever look at my sister like that again!" Finn threatened, his hands clenched so tight that his knuckles were white.

"Just leave me alone." I said to Marshall. "Finn, calm down."

"Oh come on bunny, don't act like I'm not irresistable." Marshall said.

"Oh shut up!" I said.

"Fionna!" I heard Dad say behind me. "Don't be so rude!?

"Are you kidding me, Dad? You heard it all out of context!" Finn said, defending me.

"I'm sorry about my daughters manners Mr. Abadeer." Mom said.

"It's quite alright. I know how kids are." he said with a chuckle. Did this guy jump in from the fifties? "Well, we'de better get going. It is a school night."

     I ran up to my room the second they were gone and checked my phone.

                        Marceline: Did ya c new boy?

                        Me: Yeah. I met the douche.

                        Flora: OMG. How could you say that!? That guy was totally hot!

                        Me: Trust me on this, he's a turd-wad.

                     Laura: No way. I saw him and thought to myself 'wowza! he's fine!' my instincts are never wrong.

                        Flora: I guess there's a first time for everything.

                        Marceline: wait. rewind. How'd you meet him already?

                       Me: He's got seventh period with me and he and his dad were just here for dinner.

                        Laura: You lucky bitch!

                        Me: Not really. He's a wad, like I said.

                        Flora: how?

                        Me: Well for one thing, he's a total perv.

                        Marceline: Well, there go my hopes.

                        Me: lol. I'm gonna go. I wanna play video games.

                        Marceline: See ya!

                        Flora: bye

                        Laura: Bai! ^-^

     I played video games until my eyes hurt. I beat a butt-ton of guys and they were pissed. Ha! Good. When I finally went to bed my phone chimed.

                                            1 new friend request

I checked, and sure enough, Marshall Had found me online. I hit the decline button and slept peacefully with dreams of spaghetti and sword fights.



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