You Again

Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves.
(btw, the cover art is not mine, I found it on google images. I have no idea who it belongs to.)


2. Chapter 1

~~ Fionas POV
   As I rushed down the hall I cursed the clock for moving too slow. I would definitely be late for my next class. I stopped short when I heard a cry for help.

"Is somebody out there?" said a voice form inside a locker.

"Finn? Why are you in a flipping locker!?" I exclaimed.

"Well, there was a bunch of turd burgers picking on an innocent freshman and I thought to myself, 'Hey, that's not cool' so long story short, I saved a kid by getting shoved in a locker." my twin explained.

"You need to stop  picking fights, Finn! One day I might not be here to bail yoou out." I said as I pulled my school ID from my bag. I slid the card between the door and the lock and released my brother.

"Thanks, Fi." Finn said gratefully.

"Whatever bro, just stop trying to play hero." I warned,

"Hypocrite." he retorted.

"At least I'm subtle about my 'acts of heroism'"

"Yeah, yeah. See you later." he said before walking off.

     Great! Now I'm absolutely getting a detention. I thought to myself as I sprinted down the hall. I turned a corner and ran right into somebody's chest.

"Hey! watch where you're going,Bunny!" said the dude. He was referring to the white scarf tied around my head.

"Sorry man, I'm kinda in a hurry..." I trailed off. This guy was the most attractive boy I had ever seen.

"Yeah, whatever, just move!" he demanded. Wow! What a douche. He walked around me with the arrogance of a thousand spoiled rich kids.


     Great! Now I'm late and angry. I thought as I walked into my advanced English class.

" Miss Murtons! So nice of you to join us. Would you care to explain why you're late?" asked Mr. Petrikov.

     I was feeling really sassy so I thought it would be wisest to just say no and quietly take my seat.

      I'd just started the assignment on the board when Mr. douche-face from earlier waltzed in.

"Um.. Is this Mr. Petrikov's room? I'm a transfer student." he said, suddenly polite. Ugh! Now I have a class with this dude?

"Ah yes. Class, this is Marshall Lee Abadeer." announced Mr. Petrikov. "Gunter, add him to the roster." He said to his student teacher.

"Okay." she said. That's all she ever said.

"Mr. Abadeer, take a seat next to Fionna." said Mr. P.

     Marshall sat down and gave me a flirtatious smile. I scowled in response.

"Why the hostility?" He asked.

"I didn't appreciate the rude way you spoke to me in the hall." I replied calmly.

"Oh yeah!" he said suddenly remembering, "Bunny! Sorry about that. I was having a bad morning."

"It's two in the afternoon. "

"Okay, a bad 'after-lunch'"

     I didn't accept his apology. He had an arrogance about him that really pissed me off!

"Just quit talking to me before we get in trouble." I hissed.


     I went through the rest of the class period in angry silence. Occasionally I caught Marshall looking at me, but with a few mad-scowls I remedied the problem.

     After Class I went to my locker to wait for Finn (He was my ride home). I was just standing there minding my own business when disaster struck: Marshall Lee showed up and started talking to me.

"Look I'm sorry for being so rude to you." He said..

"Okay. You're forgiven" I said coldly. I didn't mean it.

"Woah there Ice Queen!"

"Just leave me alone." I said when I saw Finn walking towards us. He's a bit overprotective.

"Fine! Don't let it be said that I didn't try!" Marshall said with a flip of his ebony hair. He put on his douche glasses and swaggered away.

"Who was the dude with the Justin Bieber glasses? Was he bothering you?" Finn asked when he arrived,

"Nah. Just being a nuisance." I replied.

"Well! Fancy words!" he teased.

"Shut up" I laughed.

We walked to Finn's car and drove home. I was just glad I wouldn't have to see Marshall Lee again for the rest of the day.
______________________________________________________________________________________Hi Its the authors sister here. What do you think so far. If you haven't noticed its a Fiolee Fan Fiction!! Tell me how you like it in the comments down below l . Love you < 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   V

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