You Again

Fionna Murtons is just living her life like normal when new guy, Marshall Lee Abadeer shows up and makes it his goal to get on every last one of her nerves.
(btw, the cover art is not mine, I found it on google images. I have no idea who it belongs to.)


14. Authors Note

~~Sorry Authors Note(Not Very Important But Please Read)

Hi sorry about this Authors Note I try not to make them but if you have ideas for the story don't hesitate to tell me in the comments to tell my sister!!!
I am also here to say go check my sisters Wattpad and Tumblr out!!!!!
Wattpad: empanadas123 
Tumblr: too-many-fangirl-moments
Anyway my sister has been having writers block so please list ideas in the comments and I'll tell my sister!!!!!!!
Chapters come every Thursday unless I have another note to tell there will be a delay in the updates!!!!
Chapter 13 will be posted tomorrow then you can start brain storming (Today is 7/30/2014)
Thank You For Reading This


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