Second Love

It've been 3 years since Hayley's soul mate died and 3 years since she's disconnected from everything. 3 years since she decided she will never fall in love again.
This summer, she has to work to an hotel to pay her college.
Will she able to respect her promise when she will see who just came in the hotel where she's working ?



4. Chapter 4

40 minutes after I went back to the lobby, my boss came in and asked of I don't mind being a groom for the afternoon.

One of them was missing so they needed someone else. I'll be paid 200 more dollars for this so I accepted.

I changed my uniform and I asked who I had to serve, it was floor 13, room 1327 and I had to bring 5 pizza (they looked delicious and I was hungry now).

I took the elevator and when I got in front of the door, I knocked three times and … LILAC HAIR OPENED ME !

Damn, it was definitly a sign from God.

So Michael opened me and I was probably looking on chock because he laughed a bit. It was adorable. Then he said thank you and said "Guys, the pizzas and Ash's lil crush are here !"

Oh my God. Oh my God. OH MY GOD. Did he really said "lil crush" ?? Am I dreaming ? It can't be real !

But it was probably real because Ashton came from the bathroom and screamed "SHUT UP MICHAEL !!"

Michael imitated Ashton's cute great voice saying "don't swear Ashton"

I laughed into me but I guess I was too on chock to laugh.

Ashton did a weird smile to me and he looked at his feet.

I didn't had the time to think of how cute he was that Luke came running trough the room screaming "PIZZAAAAAAA" with a very high voice. I definetly started laughing.

It was my first laugh in 3 years.

Calum came in (it was such a pride of funny guys) gave me 10$ and he asked my name.

"My name is Hayley." I said shyly

Calum looked at Ash and winked at him.

"I'm Calum this is Ashton, there is Luke and the one who already eaten half of a pizza is Michael

- I know, I said laughing

- how ?" Calum looked very confused. It made me laugh again and I remembered him they were a famous band.

"Oh yeaaaaaaaah, sorry I forgot" said Calum, laughing.

I laughed to. It was a real laugh and if yesturday night you would have told me "tomorow, you will laugh your head off with 4 boys" I would probably tell you to stop dreaming.

I didn't felt happy since so much time that I forgot how it feel.

It felt good but weird at start. Then it became awesome beautiful.

Ashton came and said a little hi and he told me to don't listen to Michael. He said it so shyly. I didn't know what it mean when a boy say this kind of thing this way. But I prefer thinking Michael said shit because I don't want to fall in love.

But it was before I've learned there is thing you can't control.

Please if you like it (or hate it) please comment so I know if I keep going please it only takes 5 seconds 🙏 (and sorry again fpr my bad english)

Please if you like it (or hate it) please comment so I know if I keep going or not. Please it only take 5 seconds 🙏 (sorry again for my english)

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