Second Love

It've been 3 years since Hayley's soul mate died and 3 years since she's disconnected from everything. 3 years since she decided she will never fall in love again. This summer, she has to work to an hotel to pay her college. Will she able to respect her promise when she will see who just came in the hotel where she's working ? BEFORE YOU START READING PLEASE DON'T FORGET ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE, I SELF LEARNED HOW TO "SPEAK" IT SO SORRY, MY GRAMMAR AND SPELLING SUCK


2. Chapter 2

The alarm clock started ringing. Ugh. It was 7:30 am, I had to wake up for my summer work.

It's going to be easy but boring. But anyway, I start to wear me up. I had the uniform of the hotel ready.

Then I just did my hair a bit, I ate a cookie and I went to the hotel. The boss explained me how to do and I started.

A bunch of people came and it was just a lot of "welcome, bienvenue, hola, ciao a tutti, goodbye, adios, en revoir…". I knew it was going to be boring.

Suddently, a few girls came. Then another group. A few minutes later, there was like 400 girls waiting.

I was probably looking very impressed because a groom came next to me and told me that it was just a famous band coming and it was their fans.

I was at ease and also impatient to see that band. I tried to ask the groom their band's name but he went away.

Then they came. I know them, their song "she looks so perfect" or something like that, it was always on TV.

I was so exited into me but I just did my job and welcomed them. They said welcome back, smiling. They were the first one to say hi since I've started

I was looking at them. They were 4.

The first one that came into had lilac dyed hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty sure half of the people in the world would have think he is weird but I thougt he was adorable. His smile were looking so good.

Then, a dark haired boy came with dark brown eyes. He looked a bit asian but I'm pretty sure he isn't … I don't know why.

Then 2 guys came in the same time. One was very tall it scared me a bit. Both were blonde, one of them was wearing a bandana and he had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. And he's the one who smiled the most to me … and … no, no, no, I won't fall in love. I'm not allowed.

Sorry for my bad english, english isn't my first language.

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