Second Love

It've been 3 years since Hayley's soul mate died and 3 years since she's disconnected from everything. 3 years since she decided she will never fall in love again.
This summer, she has to work to an hotel to pay her college.
Will she able to respect her promise when she will see who just came in the hotel where she's working ?



11. Chapter 11

As soon as he said this, I start to get nervous. But of course I followed him. Did I even had the choice ? He took my hand to show me where to go as I didn't know where we were supposed to go. His hand was warm. But not as warm as Michael's one between.

We went in a stair and I asked :

« Where are we going ?

- surprise ! » did he said in the same way as in the car.

We climb the stairs for a few more moments then we reach the top and we're a front of a door, he opened it and we got on the roof.

It was such a beautiful clear night so we were able to see all the stars in the sky. It made me think of 5 days ago when I was in my garden, it's weird to say that, but I honestly think I've changed since then. All of this because of 4 guys who were 4 strangers 5 days ago.

« Wow » did I said.

« You like it ?

- Of course I do, it's so beautiful !

- That's basically why we came here. The kind of people who are here aren't really the kind of people we are.

- I know right. But thank you for bringing me here. And … thank you for everything.

- Everything ?

- Yes. Let's say that before I met you, I wasn't really able to talk to anyone. You "saved" me if we can say that.

- Wow … really ?

- Yeah. »

I didn't really want to tell him everything so I quickly changed the subject.

« What did you wanted to say to me by the way ?

- Oh … well … »

He blushed a bit and I saw he hesitated to tell me.

« Go ahead, what do you think I will do ? That I will knock you out with an umbrella ? »

He laughed a bit wish was the reaction I exepcted. I was scared he would get mad at me but apparently no.

« So are you really going on tour with us ?

- Of course why would I have lied about that ?

- Do you know when we are going ?

- I don't know, but soon I guess ?

- And do you know where we're going ?

- I have no idea but does it really matter ?

- Will you ever stop replying to my questions with other questions ? »

I laughed as it were true, I didn't even noticed,

« Why would I stop ? » did I said with a little smile.

« Anyway, we're going to …

- Stop ! I'm pretty exited actually I wanna keep the surprise » did I said.

Usually I don't like surprise at all. But I wanted to play it mysterious, I don't know why.

« … France, in Paris, tomorow, our plane is at 8 pm, we're lending at 8 pm, french hour. We'll have to be at airport at 6.

- How do you even know I hate surprises ?

- I don't even know. You just look like someone who doesn't like surprises.

- Oh really ? And how does someone who doesn't like surprises look like ?

- Like, when at a restaurant, this person almost ripped out Michael's balls saying « NOT EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS, I HATE SURPRISES » when he asked « Why not taking a surprise pizza ? »

- Oh, okay then. » Did I said in a laugh.

« And that's all you had to say to me ? It doesn't seem really private. » I continued in a laugh.

« No, I just want to spend the rest of the evening talking to you. The guys are already gone. I hope you don't think I'm a psychopat for stucking you with me if this even make sense.

- No, of course I'm not ! That's … nice ! i almost don't know anything about you.

- And … you wanna learn more ?

- Why wouldn't I ?

- I don't know. I'm not an interisting person.

- According to the polls of some website with 5SOS inclueded in their name, you're the second more popular sunshine after Michael.

- Sunshine ?

- I don't know either. » I laughed as I really didn't know. He laughed to but changed the subjects.

« Are you exited about France ?

- Of course I am, are you ?

- I am to. Can you speak french actually ?

- Bonjour, Comment ça va ?, Je m'appelle Hayley, Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ? (** Hello, How are you ?, My name is Hayley, Do you want to make love with me tonight ? {A/N the last one is a classic french song})

- Oh my God. I think my level is the same actually.

- Speak french ? I want to know how it will sound with your accent ?

- Je m'appelle Ashton et j'aime les tartines. (** My name is Ashton and I like toasts)

- Tartines ?

- Toasts.

- J'aime les … ?

- I like. » Did he said while laughing,

He was so nice and didn't seem shy anymore. But to be honest, I had one fear in the mind : that he will ask me out. Usually, I wouldn't even allow myself to think that. It's enough to look at him then to look at me to know there will never be anything between us. But after what Luke said, I had no way out but thinking like this. But I didn't want because I didn't to say no. I didn't want to hurt him. He's such a great person and it would break my heart to know that I will just reject him when I just don't wanna hurt him at all. But I got to say no. I don't want something bad to happen to him. And I know if he ever goes out with me, something will happen. I just know it.

« Are you crying ? » did he said, stopping my thougt.

« I don't know, maybe. » did I said, touching my cheeks to make sure it wasn't wet. But it was.

« What's wrong ? »

I don't know what is wrong. Everything is wrong. I was just sad to know that I kind of love someone if we can say that and to know he very probably likes me back but I just can't allow myself to love him because it will end up bad for him.

« I'm sorry. I'm just a weird and an annoying crybaby.

- Don't say that. You've been trough a lot. You're allowed to be a crybaby. But I think you are more of a baby than a cry. Okay baby ? »

It was such a cute things from him to say but not true at all.

« No, you're right, I'm just ruining an awesome night with useless feelings but I'm not a crybaby.

- Shut up. Shut up and cry. Your feeling ain't useless and crying can calm the pain. Please cry. Cry and calm the pain. Cry because your pain will fade and a faded pain mean no more pain.

- Okay. » I think something got fixed into me at this precise moment. I think I can. If I'm careful, I will succeed. I will make it.

« I love you. » did I finally admited, not only to Ashton but also to myself.

« I love you to. »

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