Second Love

It've been 3 years since Hayley's soul mate died and 3 years since she's disconnected from everything. 3 years since she decided she will never fall in love again.
This summer, she has to work to an hotel to pay her college.
Will she able to respect her promise when she will see who just came in the hotel where she's working ?



10. Chapter 10

I went upstairs and tried to find something to wear. As I said, I'm not very comfortable with dressing up so I first thougt about wear the same thing as Jewel found me yesturday but I already wore it yesturday in front of them so I can't just wear it again.

I decided to be natural and to wear what I would wear on a random day. I took a denim shirt and black jeans and I went back downstairs.

They were sitting on our couch and they were talking. About what ? I had no idea but I went in the kitchen, I took a glass of water and I joined them.

« Do you guys wanna drink anything ? My parents will probably come soon.

- no thank you, said Michael

- me either, thank you, said Calum

- and me either» said Luke while laughing

As Ashton didn't say anything, I asked him

« And you Ashton ?»

He blushed and said no with the head, looking on the floor. I don't know why but I thougt it was adorable.

A noise came from the door and I guess it was Moon coming.

« Jewel, does Moon know, they were supposed to come ?

- huh … I … guess …»


She came in the living room and she suddently stopped moving. She looked at all the boys then looked at Jewel. Then looked at Calum.

« Didn't I already saw you somewhere ?» did she asked to Calum. He didn't had the time to reply that she said :

« Oh, yeah, I remember, you're the mutton-head on my daughter wall aren't you ?

- MUM DON'T CALL HIM THAT !! I TOLD YOU TO NEVER CALL HIM LIKE THIS AGAIN !» screamed Jewel. I facepalmed loud so they saw it. But Moon kept her calm and said to Cal :

« You are her favorite mutton-head do you know it ? She has good tastes in mutto…

- okay, Moon, I think we understood, bye

- Moon ? said Michael

- shut up, mutton-head» did I said.

Moon started again, talking to Michael this time.

« you changed your hair by the way ? On her wall it were green.

- if you were attentive you would have seen they were on a different color on each pictures, said Jewel.

- yeah, like his bandana » did she said pointing Ashton who immediatly blushed

I think I've never been this embarassed in my life. I decided it was time for us to go out and I said :

« So … I hope you liked meeting each other … but now we have to go out bye »

They all agreed but they were all laughing. (exept Ashton who were stuck looking at the floor)

Moon looked at me weirdly and asked if I went with them, surprised. I said yes and before she or Jewel (who were blushing a lot) I took Michael and Calum by the hand, hit Luke's belly and Ash's head with my two armbrows and we all went outside. Michael's hand were so warm.

« So … let's all try to forget the last 15 minutes. What car do we take ?

- ours, I guess, said Michael »

I agreed and Calum drove. I was so embarassed and I think Jewel were to to be honest. I hope the guys won't remember my mother.

« so ? Your mom is the moon and we're mutton-head ?

- I call her Moon. I don't remember why but I do. And no you're not, she just did that do piss Jewel off. I guess she didn't realize who you were.

- who are we ?

- you are 5 Seconds Of Summer. Known and fancied all over the world.

- I thougt we were Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford ?

- you are. But you are more 5 Seconds Of Summer. Known and fancied all over the world.

- nobody fancy us

- no, my sister were just wearing a "I fancy the bassist" shirt. But nobody fancies you.

- she fancies me ? It's cute.

- she fancies y'all. But I guess she fancies the bassist a bit more. »

The rest of the conversation in the car were basically the same thing, who fancy who and Ashton looking at the floor.

I suddently realized I had no idea where we were going so I asked and suprinsingly it's Ashton who replied. "Surprise !" Did he said with a little smile. A few minutes later, Luke said we're almost there. Then we headed. It seemed like a random building. But inside it were all bright and there was a few people eating in it. All in suit and coktail dresses. And here I was with my denim shirt and them with their ripped jeans and piercings.

« snob isn't it ?» said Michael, laughing.

I agreed.

« but they have good pizza. » continued Michael.

I didn't replied. They took a table for 5 and we sat. We fastly ordered and Luke showed a men in the table behind us. He were 45-50 years old with grey hair and a grey moustache. Exactly the kind of snob guy who I had to welcome all day at work today. Exept this one had his finger in the nose. I said a big "ewww" and we laughed. Exept Ashton. He was weird tonight.

We kept talking and laughing about the people around us when the waiter came and asked what we wanted. He noted and he putted some peanuts and little tomatoes on the table and went away.

« Look Ashton, your twins are here » said Luke showing the tomatoes. I had a little laugh as it were true. Ashton's face were as red as the little tomatoes.

« shut up Luke » said Michael very seriously.

Ashton looked so embarassed and I immediatly regretted laughing.

« hey, I'm sorry, I didn't meant to make fun of you, Ash

- that's okay » did he whispered to me.

« are you sure ?

- yeah, yeah »

I wasn't sure but anyway. I looked at Luke and he looked like he felt guilty. We stayed in silence staring at Ashton for a few seconds and Calum said that the women in front of us looked like an octopus. It made me laugh again as the word "octopus" was very funny itself. Everyone started laughing again and we started joking again. Exept Ashton.

The rest of the evening was the same thing, us talking and Ashton looking at the floor and eating in silence.

At the end of the night Michael started talking :

« so if we're here tonight it's for something special. Wanna say it Ashton ? »

He blushed and said no with the head.

« okay. So in fact, we want to ask you, dear Hayley, to come with us for the rest of our tour, aka two months. I know we might seem weird but we would be very pleased if you accepted. »

That what it. Of course, as I already thougt about it my answer came immediatly.

« I would love to come, if my parents accept !

- then, I hoped you'd be happy to know Mr Irwin already went talking to your parents and the answer is yes. And don't worry for your college, we'll pay. »

I was probably looking very surprised because they all laughed when they saw my face. Exept Ashton who were looking at Michael with a half angry, half "I'm-about-to-cry" face.

I said yes, of course.

And we kept talking and laughing at 11:45 pm, I noticed Calum was talking to Ashton very quietly. Ashton finally agreed to what Cal said and stopped looking at the floor.

He stopped my conversation with Michael and Luke and said :

« hum ... Hayley … can I talk to you in private please ? »

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