"You can't save the world, Imy, its already evil."
Imogen Brette's world is under attack. After over millions of soldiers are injured and maimed in a war against Seren, a normally peaceful civilisation, but has been controlled by one man. The government have started eating into their population known as Valia. The brave nation who will have to fight to save themselves before things get worse...


1. 1

We sat as we always did, in front of the campfire, listening to our uncle ramble on about what the world used to be like before the war. It never got old, to my brother anyway. I would lie across the logs, staring at the stars as my auntie told me about all the constellations whilst fiddling with my hair.

"That one, right above us, is Orion's Belt. My personal favourite." She would say, drifting into trivia about it. I used to sigh sleepily, and float into sleep balanced on a log.

But that was five years ago. And things were a lot more peaceful back then. Before we had to fight too.




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