Why I love you


2. Chapter 2

When we left my bags in Lotties room. The girls were still at school and Louis were out with his friends. Dan, her new husband and their babtwins was in their big livingroom. They played with a teddy bear while Dan watched tv and keept an eye on them. Jay and I sat down in the kitchen, she made hot choklate.

"How are you?" I asked. We spent the whole car ride here talkig about my life and how I was, now I wanted to know about my beloved aunt and her seven children. 

"Im good, I was sick a couple days after my pregnancy but Im fine now. Everythings great here! You'll love it. Lottie told me just yesterday how much she missed you, this will be a lovley surprise to them. We don't need to say the reason your here." she said happily and sipped o her hot choklat. Her brown hair fell doown in her face and whe quikly put it behind her ear. 

"Louis can show you around town, he need some new friends." she said in a voice i never heard her use before.

"How come?" I asked, she gave me a look and sighned.

"They are always out, sometimes when he comes home he smells like drugs and alcohol. I know he can drink but I don't like the drugs. He swears he don't take any, but I don't know." 

"I don't think he would, but I can talk to him if you like?" I said and Jay nodded.

"Yes! That would be great!" just as she was about to say something more the door to the house opend and we heard Lottie shout 'hello'. Jag smiled at me.

"Lottie, can you come help me in the kitchen?" Jay called back. we heard footsteps and as soon as I saw Lottie I stood up from my chair. Her blond hair was in a ponnytail and she had this beautiful flower dress on. 

"Grace!" she said exited. "What are you doing here?" she had a big smile on her face and hugged me.

"Shes going to live here for a while, she needs to figgure some things out. Is it ok if she sleeps in your room?" jay said before I got a chance to.

"Of course! it'll be like when we were younger and you lived next to us! Movie marathons all night!" she siad and I laughed. 

"Maybe we can go shopping tomorrow? I know this place..." she started but was cut of by Jay telling us to go do something now instead, I got the car keys and we drove away. Lottie gave me the directions and in 10 mins later we were at a mall. 

"so where do you wanna go first?" I asked her. she smiled big and pinted to 21. I rolled my eyes and smiled at her. My style was a bit more rocky than hers. 

When we had been in 5 stores and bought 2 things eatch we decided to go home. When we were on our way outside 5 guys stood against a wall talking and smoking. One of them had black hair and brown intence eyes looking at me, he had lots of tatoos and when I was about to turn around I saw this brown haird, blue eyed boy named Louis. He had a cigarette between his teeths and also he had tattoos.

"Charlotte, im just going to say hey to you brother." I said, Lottie said she would wait in the car cause she didn't like his friends. Iwalked towards the group of 5 and when I reached them everyone exept Louis stared at me, cause he had his back turned to me. I thought I would do this thing when you put your hands over someones eyes and they guess who it is, we always didi that when we were younger.

So I put my hands over his eyes and whsperd in his.

"Guess who?" I heard him laugh and turn around and hugged me tight.

"Hey Grace! What are you doing here?" he said smiling. His friends looked a bit out of place right now.

"Im going to live hre for awhile, under the same roof as you. Came today so me and Charlotte went to shop a bit." I said and pinted to the car were Lottie were.

"What? mum didn't tell me that?" he said and I laughed and expalined it was suposed to be a surprise.

"Wow Grace, look at you. Your not ugly anymore." he teased. When I was 13 to 15 I had a really bad fashon style, bad hairdos and I was kind of fat.

"Yeah, started to work out, got some help with my clothes and cut my hair. What about you?" he straighed his back and waited to hear compliments.

"You were such a pretty boy, what happend? gaind weight, forgot to use hair gel..." I was cut of by laughter coming from Louis friends. He rolled his eyes.

"guyes this is Grace she is my cousine, Grace this is Mark, Jamie, Henry and Zayn." He said and pointed to eatch one of his friends. Zayn was the one with black hair and those beautiful eyes. 

I shaked hands with them and turned to Louis again.

"Your mum promised me you would show me around here." I said and he rolled his eyes.

"I don't got a car, so unless mum don't by a miracle give me her car I cant do that." He said and I laughed and held up the car keyes. His eyes got big.

"She let you drive her car?" He asked and I rolled my eyes.

"How eles were I supposed to get here? Want a ride home?"  Louis shok his head. 

"Nah, were going to this party later tonight..." I interupted him. 

"I love partys! Can I come too?" Louis looked at his friends then at me. 

"I don't thin its your type of party... Maybe another time." he said and I stared at him.

"The word 'not my kind of party' does not exist. I go to all kindes of partys. I once was let in at a celeberty party, that was really fun! I met this guy and we got really drunk. Then we had s..." Louis put a hand over my mouth.

"You are my cousin, I don't want to hear about your hookups." he said and i blushed.

"Anyway, turned out he was best friend with Zac Efron and I got his number. But its ok, I can find my own party." I said and walked away. I looked around for a bit before i swa this girl looking around my age. I walked up to her.

"Exuse me, im new here and I was just trying to find a party so Me and my friends could celebrate, do you know any tonight?" I asked. The girl smiled to me.

"Yeah! I have one at my place tonight! There will be lots of people and high music. You should come!" she said.

I smiled at her and told here my name and she said here name was Eleanor, we then excanged numbers and I walked back to Louis.

"She was really nice!" I said. Zayn Laughed at the exprection Louis had on his face.

"Yeah we know, Hes had a crush on her forever." Mark said.

"Yeah, maybe he'll come with me to this party instead, I told her I would bring some friends but i don't really have any here. well,see you later Lou!" I said and walked away. 

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