Beautiful Mystery

From which stars have we fallen to meet each other here?


4. Zayn, Im drowning



                   I so fucking badly want to tell you that I love you, But I cant. I cant tell you I love you because If I do, then that means that I am sinking even more. Maybe I'm just scared to admit the fact that I'm drowning in your abyss. Or maybe i'm just scared of accepting the fact that I love you and I CANNOT change that. I'm slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean that is my love for you and I cant seem to find the surface. The surface where you where once mine and I was once Yours. They say that the cells in your body constantly die, then why? Why is the memory of you still so fresh in my mind? It's haunting me and I cant get rid of the ghost that was once you. I show you  my VEINS in hope that you can fix me and put me back together, but you've just tied rocks to my ankles to help me drown deeper and deeper by the second. I'm screaming, but all there is, is the unbearable void. My lungs are filling up with water and I'm choking on the thought of you being with someone else. PLEASE, PLEASE just unite these rocks and save me from the waves.                            


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