Toil and Trouble

Mal, is a crazy young read headed teenage girl who attends the Study Of Supernatural talents, a school for all kinds of supernatural beings such as, screamers, robotic beings, blood suckers and much more. She had a hard first few years of school, with barley any friends. But one day that all changed. She meet the best friends she ever had, along with a boy who's heart simply can't love, but as time passes by, he finds away.


1. Mal



  My eyes opened, my palms were sweaty, cheeks burning. I rubbed my face, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. Yawning as I walk to my closet I pulled out a pear of skinny jeans and a long sleeved black top. I took off my night clothes then slipped on my shirt and jeans while walking to a desk near my bed and pull out my make up bag. After putting on mascara and my nude lip stick I brushed my hair, which was a straw-berry blonde color. Finally I slipped on my boots walking out of my dorm room and down to the small lake.

 The sun was hidden by a few clouds that didn't seem to be moving. Winter was near, the cold air rolling in more and more each day. The trees leaves now brown and falling, the water on the lake had a thin layer of ice covering it. While others wore warm clothes and jackets I was wearing a simple long sleeved shirt. I never did get as cold as others did at this point in winter, the cool air brushing my cheeks as the wind picked up.

 This was always my parents favorite time of year, when it was cold and frosty but not snowing yet. Mum did love to play in the snow after a storm, dressing us all in warm clothes and warm shoes. Making snow men and snow forts where we would have snow ball fights. I found myself smiling down at the iced over lake after remembering them. they passed away when I was young.

About a week before they died I received a letter back from this academy, saying I had been accepted into the school. My parents were so proud of me, their baby girl going to the school they went to. I was thrilled, unable to express to my parents the joy I got from seeing them so happy. besides being excited because they were happy, I was excited to finally learn about what I am and meet others like me. Dad would always take me by the hands, with the brightest smile on his face, and tell me that my abilities only meant I was special. Then they both would take me to the basement before the moon would rise and kiss my cheeks before they locked the door.

But when I got to the academy, I felt incredibly out of place. The girls and boys ignored me and when they didn't they would tease me about my eye color, which were originally brown. They turned a very bright blue the brown still visible but mostly blue after I turned into a werewolf the first time. I only made one friend that first year I started school. His name was James, he stuck up for me once when the girls were picking on me, after that it was like we were to peas in a pod.

He was my best friend that entire year, he helped me grow more confident, held me when i cried over the bullies or my parents. When my birthday rolled around he asked me out, and of course i said yes. But it wasn't but 5 months later i lost him too.

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