5SOS Got Me!

Maria meets the 5sos boys but in a totally different way.


2. confusion


•GOT ME !•

Chapter one

" Oh my god !" My best friend,Jocelyn , squealed as the first member of 5 Seconds of Summer stepped on the stage.

Everyone started screaming as loud as they could. Girls of all ages jumping up and down with their excitement. I grinned as my heart pounded against my chest crazily. This was the excitement I needed in my life!

My life was plain boring until the Australian band decided to come here, I finally has something to do. I lived in a little town, with a population of 100 thousand. It might seem a lot to some people, but to me, it was boring.

I was born more of a city girl. I was always looking for excitement and adventure. My overly excited best friend grabbed my shoulder and shook me, pulling me out of my thoughts. Her brown eyes shine with excitement as she pointed at the 5SOS members.

Ashton came out first looking stunning and confident. His smile made every girl'a heart stop. Next came Luke. His crystal blue eyes were stunningly beautiful, even from a distance. His eyes hypnotized every girl in the audience.

Then came Calum. The funny and happy one. He had a personality every girl wanted in their boyfriend. You could just tell from the way he walked on stage, he was the bright light and sunshine of the group.

After Calum came Michael. His dyed hair was awesome ! He was cute and totally the one to go for. He waved at all the girls as he came into the stage, making all of them melt at the sight.

He looked in my direction and winked. I froze , he looked like he was staring right at me. I looked behind me and looked back again. All the girls were screaming. They probably thought he was winking at them.

There was no way he could've been winking at me, I was nobody.Then he looked into my direction and stared straight at me. I was frozen at the spot. His midnight dark eyes stared into mine from a distance. I was in a trance before my best friend nudged me.

"Oh my god! He is staring right at us!" Jocelyn squealed.

I nodded,still staring at him. He had walked over to the other members of the band,but hasn't broken eye contract either me yet.

His eyes.... Calum's eyes..

"He's not staring at you." A girl behind us snorted."He's staring at me."

She smoothed out he blonde hair and pulled her tank too a little dine to show more cleavage. I rolled my eyes at her behavior. She then waved shyly at the boys on stage. Calum has broken eye contact with me and was talking with one of the stage crew.

Jocelyn turned to the girl and gave her the finger. "Go fuck yourself ."

"No, you go fuck yourself. Since your a worthless piece of-"

The annoying blonde was interrupted by the sound of music. I recognized the song immediately. I smiled and started singing along.

I suddenly felt the urge to pee. I really needed to and I couldn't hold it any longer. I nudged my best friend and pointed to my bladder. She tolled her eyes before pointing to the exit doors.


I hated myself for having to pee at the beginning of the concert. The bathroom was completely empty, meaning there was no line got me to wait in. After washing my hands,I hurried out. I made my way back to Jocelyn ;someone grabbed my upper shoulder.

I turned around and found myself facing one of the stage crew. He smiled and nodded for me to follow him. I didn't know what was going on, but I followed him. Something inside of me told me to. He took me to a back room behind the stage.

My heart was pounding against my chest crazily. He told me to sit down on a leather couch which was on the V.I.P zone. I tried to talk to him, but he hurried off. I shook my head and pulled out my phone.

I was missing the concert I had begged my parents to come to. I looked around to check my surroundings. I was in a very dimmed room with bright lights all over the place. After what seemed an hour, I went to the door . I tried to open if but it was locked.

My eyes widened and I started to panic. I tried opening it again, but it was shut tight. I started banging on the door in panic. "Let me out!" I screamed as hard as I could. I tried breaking it down but it was no use.

I dialed my best friend'a number and held the phone to my ear.

"Sooty but your current balance is 10 cents. Please-" I hung up.

I cursed and tried texting people,but the messages wouldn't go through. "I am so screwed." I said to myself as I paced around the room. I didn't know how to react or what to do. All I had was my phone which, was pretty much useless.

I heard someone on the other side of the door. I heard a click from the door unlocking, before the door flew open came in Michael.

He sat right beside me on the couch looking up at the ceiling.i looked at him then i looked at the door ; he left it open , this is my chance. I sprinted towards it but he somehow came in front if me. How did he do that! He pushed me towards the wall and the last thing I thought would happen, happened. Fangs came out of his teeth and plunged them into my neck , pain ran into me.

Suddenly , the rest of the group popped out of nowhere. Luke got the other side of my neck, calum; sniffed my right wrists like a dog then put them through. Ashton looked at me , straight in the eyes , he looked back and forth between my wrists and my eyes. And he spoke.

"I'm sorry."

He plunged into my wrist and I felt nauseous. Everything around me spun around and then everything...... Went black.

First chapter :) hopefully you guys like. Please spred the word and stuff . Add as favorites because I'm looking forward to this movella.-Mari

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