5SOS Got Me!

Maria meets the 5sos boys but in a totally different way.


3. chapter 2



Chapter two

"Do you think she'll wake up anytime soon?" Ashton's voice rang through my ears.

"I have no idea." Luke replied.

I could tell them apart from their accents. I tried lifting my heavy eyelids,but they wouldn't budge. My body started aching and my head started throbbing painfully. I felt someone poke the side of my body with their finger.

"She looks dead." Calum's voice commented.

"She has to look that way, she's one of us now." Michael replied in an annoyed tone. Footsteps were heard coming into the room.

"She hasn't awaken yet?" A voice I didn't recognized asked.

"No,we've been watching her transform, but she hasn't moved a muscle yet." Luke replied with a hiccup. I felt someone poke me again.

"She looks dead." Calum said again.

"Stop poking her!" Michael hissed.

I felt another poke." I can't her face is just so soft!"

"Leave the poor girl alone guys." Luke sighed.

I felt a finger painfully jab into my ribs. I grabbed whoever It was hand and twisted it even with my eyes closed. "She's moving !" Calum cheerfully said.

"She awake?!" Ashton asked excitedly.

"Leave her alone! Idiots!" The mysterious guy said.

Everything around me grew quite and I could literally hear my own heart beat which was going slower than usual. Then .... My heart beat stopped. I have no heart beat. My eyes flew open by themselves.

And standing above me was the four members of 5 seconds of summer , staring down at me with smiles plastered on their faces .

"It's alive!!!!!" Calum said dramatically as he pretended to faint.

All the members stared at me. I tried to remember what happened. Once everything was registered into my mind I got up and ran to the other side of the room.

"Fuckers!!" I screamed."blood sucking fuckers!!!!"

Calum was the first one to laugh like if this was a huge joke. Then Michael and Luke joined in. That one guy I don't know just stood there ; arms folded across his chest with a smirk on his face. And ashton looked like if I had just slapped him in the face.

"I'm going to love her!!" Calum exclaimed.

" I'll love her if she's my food." Luke winked.

"That's! That's! Revolting!!" Michael scrunched up his face in disgust." But she did taste good."

My eyes widened in fear as all the blood drained from my face. The guy watched me in amusement as if I was some sort of meal. Ashton shook his head disapprovingly. "Guys, your scaring her."

They all apologized then let their heads hang low . Ashton walked up to me slowly, but I flinched away from him. He came closer to comfort me, but I will not let him eat me!!

Michael high fived Calum as Luke started to sniff around the room hungrily. I kept backing away from ashton until I hit a wall and I sunk to the floor. He crouched down to were I was and looked at me apologetically.

"Are you okay, love?" He asked worriedly.

I felt like slapping him across the face with a dead fish, but I couldn't he was an angel. " well considering that I was bitten by four Australians and one mixed with kiwi ,vampires, I don't think I am." My voice replied shakly.

"I need to correct your statement." Ashton said." 4 very hot Australians and one mixed with kiwi vampires."

I rolled my eyes at ashton. "Stupid vampires." I grumbled.

"Hey!" All of them protested at me. God.

I guess they have super hearing . Then I realized that I was provoking 4 hungry vampires and one that I have no clue what he his, but he was pretty handsome. I observed their faces they were a lot more paler than they are on stage.

Luke's stomach growled loudly. The handsome guy snickered as Luke's bright blue eyes turned into a darker shade of blue." I guess I'm hungry." He scratched the back of his neck.

I felt a giant lump on my throat. This was it. This is how my life was going to end! My blood getting sucked out by four hot Australians and one mixed with kiwi. I screamed as hard as I can and all four of them including that one guy covered their ears.

"What the actual fuck?!" Michael yelled.

"Michael don't cuss in front of her please." Ashton said.

"NOT NOW ASHTON!" Michael yelled as Ashton cowered away.

I stopped screaming when they all appeared in front of me at an unnatural speed. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. This was it, I was going to die as lunch , dinner or even breakfast - whatever the time of day is. Michael bent down and caught the year before it slid all the way down my cheek.

"Don't cry." He cooed, it sounded very much like he was talking to a child.

"Don't eat me!!" I screamed.

He turned back to all the other members. They all erupted into laughter and left me dumbfounded. I had no idea they could be that heartless. Laughing at a victim before eating them, what else could've been worse?

"Stop laughing at me and eat me already!" I glared at them as they laughed even louder. Looking in the bright side, at least I wasn't being eaten by a hobo vampire.

I didn't even know anything about vampires. Were there even hobo vampires? I pulled my knees up to my chest and started sobbing.

The four vampires and that one guy stopped laughing god, if I wasn't going to be eaten I would ask who he was. I felt their stares burn a hole into me. I felt shivers run up and down my back as they observed me closely. I was too young to die! I was only 16! And the concert tickets were my early birthday present!

I was going to turn 17 the day of the concert, which I guess is today. I looked up to see them all looking at me worriedly. I guess they were worried their food would be soaked in tears.

"Today is your birthday?" Ashton asked.

How the hell did he know?! I nodded slowly. I hope they don't decide to eat me today. Maybe there is a slight chance they might let me love another day since it's my birthday. Ashton have me a smile and grab my arm and started to rub my hand in sweet soft circles.

"Were not going to eat you. You little silly girl."

"You're not ?" I said.

Michael shook his head " Of course not! That would be such a waste!"

I narrowed my eyes at them. " Then what ARE you going to do with me?"

The handsome guy smirked at me." You'll see " he winked.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARIA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!" They sang as Michael nudged me to blow out the candles.

Okay, to be honest I was NOT planning to spend my birthday like this. With my four favorite celebrity crushes which I just found out that they are vampires, singing or should I say yelling happy birthday to me all trying to out yell each other. I forced out a smile and blew out the candles.

Even though I was technically kidnapped and bitten by them, I felt ok around them. They were just four or should I say five silly vampires. Calum was jumping up and down like an eight year old boy on Christmas morning while Luke was drooling all over the cake.

Ashton was right behind me with his hands on my shoulders , the guy that I still don't know his name was smirking at me and Michael had his camera and was taking pictures of all of us.


"I didn't know vampires could eat cake." I said as i licked the last bit of frosting off my fingers.

"We can do a lot of things." The guys said. Might as well tell him what's his name.

"What's your name anyways?" I asked him.

"Oh I'm so sorry I haven't introduced myself my name is Anthony,the boys security/guard/best friend I guess."he smiled and took out his hand and I shook it.

"So what else can vampires do?" I asked.

Anthony smirked. " well we can move really fast." Suddenly he moved from my left to my right . He looked like a blurry figure when he was moving. I cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Well this does comes in handy if you know what I mean." He winked and I found myself....blushing?

"Ew!! You perv!!" Luke screamed.

"So what else?"

"We also have our own powers too-"

Someone cut him off."I need to talk to you." Ashton interrupted looking at me.

I pointed at myself."Me?"

He nodded. Anthony narrowed his eyes towards ashton. A growl escaped Anthony's mouth.ok that was umm.. Weird?

"Follow me." Ashton said and I followed. It was currently 12:00 in the morning and we are currently staying at a mansion which looks like the middle of no where. But I like the the smell of fresh pine and morning dew.

Where I live is similar quiet and peaceful. I never liked it it was too quiet for me just like I said I more if a city girl.

But to be honest, I'm missing my parents. Are they wondering about my disappearance? Are they worried?

"Your parents know."

"What?" I looked at him confusedly.

"They know where you are."

"And they are totally okay with it?!?!" Man, they must hate me.

"They don't hate you."

"Then why did they let me stay here ?!? AND not flip out that 5SOS BIT MY BLOOD OUT OF ME!!"

I narrowed my eyes at him and he hesitated a little bit.

"Well....... They don't know the while story."

"Well you better start explaining this to me." I sighed.

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