16 year old Katherine is your typical rebel. She often times sneaks out of the house and goes to clubs and parties. When her and her friend Emily go to a club she meets a guy named Calum and from there on out things begin to change in there lives. Will bad girl Kat change for good boy Calum? Or will good boy Calum change for bad girl Kat? I guess you'll have to read to find out!


5. Chapter 5

Kathrines P.O.V


I've never met someone like calum, a good boy. Well I guess he's not a "boy" since he's 18 and not to mention older then me. I'm 15 almost 16 so he isn't to much older but he still can do a lot more then I can. Like go to clubs legally! I was walking home in the rain... Not how I thought this night would go. I thought I would be there till at least dinner! However long it took for Emily's one night stand to be over. Now that I think about it she usually is done with the guy by at least 10:00am and it's almost 3:00pm. She would've called me by now if they were done! She always calls to tell me details and wether or not he would rank higher then the guy before him. Me and Emily have a "Scoreboard" kinda thing with our one night stands. We have a list of all of the guys and we rank them. Sometimes they get moved down so that someone else can be put in there place. Right now Chris is ranked #1 on Emily's chart. He stayed over for 2 days! That's the longest which men't things were going "great" with them. I decided to walk to the mall instead of going to my boring home where I lock myself in my room all day to get away from my stupid annoying family who don't give a shit about me. When I got to the mall I decided to call my friend Lauren to meet me here so I have someone to shop with. Lauren is in on this "ranking" thing but she isn't as into it as me and Emily. "Hey Lauren! Wanna meet me at the mall?" I asked "Hey girl! Yeah sure give me like 5 mins to freshen up a bit" she said "Alright I'm already here so just text me when you get here" I said "Ok. Is Emily with you?" She asked "No she is currently in the ranking process. She's taking longer then usual" I said "It must be a good one then" she said "Yeah but when I met him at the club last night he didn't seem like her type" I said "Oh wow she always goes for her "type". Must be experimenting. Is it okay if I pick up Bridget on the way?" She asked "Yeah of course! The more the merrier!" I said "Alright see ya soon" she said "Mmk bye" I said then hung up. I decided to go get a passion fruit tea and wait for them. I can't seem to get Calum off my mind and I don't know why. He certainly is not my type so I don't get why I can't get over him like I've done with the other million guys I've had a "fling" with. Then again Luke isn't Emily's type and she's with him longer then her usual. He's lasting longer then Alex did and he's in 3rd! I finished my tea then threw it away and as soon as I did my phone vibrated. "We're here" -Lauren "Ok meet me in the food court" -Kat I headed towards the food court where I would be meeting my best friends. I got there and looked around for them. I spotted Lauren's bright red hair that she dyes often and ran to them. "Hey girls" I said hugging them both "Hey gorgeous" Bridget said. Bridget plays our little game every once in awhile she doesn't like the thought of one night stands then ranking who's the best at it but she does it every so often. "Where do y'all wanna head to first?" Lauren asked "How about Forever 21?" I asked they both nodded. "So Emily had a one night stand and you didn't? What's up with that?" Bridget asked and my mind went straight to Calum. "I just wasn't as lucky I guess" I sad a bit to quietly and I wasn't sure if they heard me. "Oh come on you always go home with a guy. What happened?" Lauren asked as we entered Forever 21 "I didn't go home with the guy because he gave me his number which obviously meant he didn't want me to go home with him that night but at a different time. Then this morning he called me and asked me to come over which obviously wasn't a good idea since I had a pounding headache as usual so I tried to make an excuse and act like a good girl saying that I don't know him which didn't work so I went. Turns out he was the good guy and didnt wanna do it!" I said telling my story while looking through the racks. "No!" Bridget gasped "Yes!" I said huffing "That's crazy!" Lauren said "I know! No guy has ever rejected me like that. It was... Weird" I said "Well nothing that a good day of shopping won't cure!" Bridget said. She was so girly and sweet I don't know how she hangs out with us. I nodded and continued looking through racks. The day went on and still no call from Emily. Bridget and Lauren begged to go to Game Stop and the Radio Shack where these 2 guys work that they've been checking out for ages! We went to Game Stop first since it was across from Victoria Secret which we just left. We walked in and of course Lauren's eyes dart towards the cash register where of course the guy Michael is standing. Me and Bridget waited out side for forever then she finally came out all giddy with a video game and a receipt. "What's up with you?" I asked "I got the new Zelda and look!" She said showing us her receipt. "What about it? It's just a receipt" Bridget said. "Huh?" Lauren said looking worriedly at the piece of paper in her hand. "Oh oops" she said laughing and turning it around. "Now look" she said with a huge smile on her face. I took a look at it and saw a bunch of numbers scribbled on it. "You got his number!" Bridget squealed "Yes!" Lauren said excitedly "Wow you go girl!" I said happily. Although I don't like being tied down to one guy I'm happy for her because I know she really likes him. We headed towards the Radio shack and went in. I went straight for the back shelf where my favorite bands CDs are. I picked up a Blink 182 case and looked at the back to see the songs on it. Lauren was right beside me looking at All Time Low. We have the same taste in music. My phone vibrated indicating I got a texted. I pulled out my phone and read it. "Y'all can go ahead and leave I'm gonna stay here. Ashton wants to take me out after his shift is over at 5:00pm" -Bridget I smiled at the text and told Lauren. "Ok have fun;)" -Kat Me and Lauren left and decided to go home. I spent the night with her so that I didn't have to go home. I sure hope Emily calls me soon! I wanna know what's going on. I can't handle the suspense anymore. I got a shower then we just laid in bed and watched movies the rest of the night.

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