16 year old Katherine is your typical rebel. She often times sneaks out of the house and goes to clubs and parties. When her and her friend Emily go to a club she meets a guy named Calum and from there on out things begin to change in there lives. Will bad girl Kat change for good boy Calum? Or will good boy Calum change for bad girl Kat? I guess you'll have to read to find out!


4. Chapter 4

Katherine's P.O.V


We got our McDonald's and headed to his place. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be in fact it was quite the opposite. We couldn't stop talking! There was no way you could get us to shut up we just talked about anything and everything! He told me that he takes vocal lessons and that he's in a band with some of his "mates" and I told him how I was a dancer. When we got to his apartment he unlocked the door and let me in. I looked around at his very "nice" might I add apartment. Calum turned around a corner with our food and drinks towards I'm guessing the kitchen. And I sat on the leather couch in the living area. "Do you want any ketchup?" He asked

"yeah, umm a lot actually" I add I but awkwardly 

"oh I have a ketchup lover on my hands! Don't worry darlin I am too" he said

darlin? He just called me darlin and I kinda like that! I smiled to myself. Calum walks in with my food on a plate with the container of ketchup in one hand and his food in the other with both our drinks in his arms. 


"Oh here let me help you" I said standing up.

"Oh no I got it" he said to me so I sat back down. He placed our food and drinks on the table in front of us and turned on the tv. 

"What film do you wanna watch?" He asked

I stood up walking to his shelf of movies and looked through them.   "Hmm how about... Oh I now Divergent!" I said grabbing it and handing him the movie 

he took it and put it in the player and we both sat back down on the couch and ate our food. 

When it got to the part where Four took his shirt off I squealed. "God he is so hot!" I said holding my chest dramatically 

Calum looked me like I was crazy then rolled his eyes. "I have way bigger muscles then him" he said bragging and flexing his muscles. 

"Yeah right! I doubt you even have abs!" I said rolling my eyes 

"actually I do" he said matter factly 

"mhmm prove it then" I said

"are you asking me to take my shirt off?" He said with a hint of sas in his tone 

"and if I was would you?" I asked

"Kat your crazy!" He said

"why I just wanna see if you actually have abs" I stated 

"fine" he said standing up and taking his shirt off and throwing it dramatically.

i stood up to examine his "abs" which in fact he did have. 

"Huh it seems that you do in fact have abs" I said quietly looking at them. 

"Told you" he said putting his fingers lightly under my chin to get me to look into his eyes

"stop starting darlin" he whispered then leant down and kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. I pushed him gently down on the couch and got on his lap strattling his waist. He put his hands on my waist and I pushed my fingers through his hair making him moan against my lips. I moved down to his neck and have him love bits and causing him to moan. I started to rock slowly against his waist making him moan louder. I felt something below me causing me to smile. I rocked faster as I kissed him faster making him moan against my lips. I lifted myself on my knees and started to fumble with his zipper. He grabbed my hand and stopped me.

"Kat stop" he said out of breath

"why don't you want me to pleasure you?" I asked

"no Kat I don't I'm not like that" he said. He looked hurt "I think you should go" he add. I looked at him confused then it hit me. He's a good boy. 

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